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5 Must-Haves For Every Wedding Business Contract

Our guest blogger here is Wynne Reece of Reece Law and founder of The Creative Counsel. We asked her to talk us through what it takes to have a contract that truly protects both the pro and the..

Bridal Salon Owner? Here’s How to Maximize Your National Bridal Sale Event Exposure

Photo: Bojan Hohnjec Studio

 From The Knot Pro Team: The National Bridal Sale Event is right around the corner so we turned to speaker and wedding industry expert Brian Lawrence (see his bio..

The Top 10 Words Today's Couples Are Using to Describe Their Wedding Style

Photo: Lauren Fair Photography

Now that we've uncovered a few of the biggest wedding planning trends and insights for 2018, we thought we'd take a moment to dig a little deeper into The Knot Real..

8 Wedding Trends & Insights for 2018 (From The Knot Real Weddings Study!)

Here's the deal: We've had our finger on the pulse of wedding trends for more than two decades, and over 25 million couples and counting have trusted us to provide them with the tools, pros and..

4 Ways to Make A Stand Out Submission 

Getting published: it’s something you’ve had on your mind, but haven’t quite taken the leap to submit and get featured. Wondering what editors are really looking for when reviewing which..

9 New Wedding Hair & Makeup Insights & Trends from The Knot Real Weddings Study 2017 

We survey thousands of engaged and married couples every year to get a sense as to how they plan their weddings. One of the many categories we ask about is hair and makeup.

Our biggest takeaways..

Average Cost Per Wedding Guest Hits an All-Time High in 2017 (Plus 12 More Fun Facts From The Knot Real Weddings Study)

Hot off the press! The latest numbers are in from The Knot Real Weddings Study 2017 and our big takeaway? Couples are spending more than ever on their guests -- an average of $268 per guest..

The Knot Planner App Is The #1 Wedding Planning App With 1M+ Downloads!

We know it's braggy but we're super proud of our latest app results. Our wedding planning app for couples -- The Knot Wedding Planner app -- hit 1 million downloads in 2017 alone. And, our app is..

7 Reasons 2017 Was An Amazing Year for The Knot Pro!

All year long we dished out tips to help you connect with more of the right couples for you. From inspiring content to industry rockstars sharing their insights, 2017 was an amazing year and here..

We have a new book!  Yours Truly by The Knot is chock-full of real wedding inspiration.

Big news! Yours Truly, a new book by our co-founder Carley Roney, hit the shelves this past week just in time for the holiday season. It’s full of helpful tips, fresh inspiration, and creative..