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5 Ways to Help End Child Marriage

Each year 1.8 million couples are married in the U.S. and together we help them celebrate their joyful milestone. But each year, there are also 12 million girls who are married against their will before they reach 18. Their experience is much different. 

Child marriage is not a decision a girl gets to make. It is decided for her and takes away her right to choose if, when and how she wants to get married. 

The Knot is proud to partner with VOW, a global initiative to end child marriage.   

Child marriage happens around the world—even in the U.S.—cutting across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. As a wedding industry, we collectively have the power to help eradicate this global issue. Join us and VOW in its mission to end child marriage by 2030. 

Here are 5 ways to get involved and help end child marriage: 

1. Recommend the VOW charity registry to your couples

Couples can help end child marriage by attaching VOW to their retail wedding registries through The Knot Gifts Back charity registry program. With each registry gift purchase through The Knot Registry, we’ll make a financial donation in the couple’s name to VOW. Share this link with your couples. 

2. Sign up to be a VOW Partner

VOW is working with small businesses and national brands to help end child marriage. Interested partners are making a commitment to VOW by aligning their products and services with VOW and committing a percentage of proceeds to help end child marriage; participating in VOW fundraising activities throughout the year; and promoting their commitment to VOW through their own marketing and communications efforts. Become a partner here.

3. Donate directly to VOW

Donate to the cause here.  All funds raised by VOW go to the Girls First Fund, championing local organizations working tirelessly to stand up for girls’ rights and against child marriage. Starting in 2019, the Girls First Fund will initially support local organizations in six countries with high prevalence of child marriage: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, India, Nepal, Niger & Uganda. 

4. Spread the word on social media using #VowForGirls

Help us bring awareness to the issue of child marriage by showing your support on social media. Here's a sample post you can share:
Each year, 12 million girls are forced to marry before they reach 18.  I'm proud to support @VowForGirls to help end child marriage by 2030. You too can help by visiting #VowForGirls 

5. Learn more about the issue of child marriage around the world. 

12 million girls across the world are married under the age of 18 every year; some as young as 8 or 9. That’s one girl married every 3 seconds who is robbed of her future, putting her at risk of violence, ill health and trapping her in poverty. In the time it takes a couple to say "I do," a girl is denied her choice to say "I don't". Learn more about child marriage here.



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