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5 Networking Strategies That Really Work

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The wedding industry is all about relationship building. Whether it's between you and pros that work together to put on beautiful events or between you and your couples that turn into ambassadors. Relationships matter! The ambassadors you create along the way are important to build a sustainable business. 

Did you know that one in four professionals don't network at all and 41% of networkers want to network more frequently but say they don't have enough time. Let's get better at this for 2019 and build networking into our daily work day. Because when you network you're most likely going to get more leads.

Review these 5 networking strategies that will help you crush it next year! 


1. Quality over quantity

It's way more important to have fewer conversations that are meaningful  than meet a bunch of people. Having high quality people in your life is how you win at networking. 

Pro Tip: Figure out how many contacts you have and how many of them are high quality. Also make sure you have the right people on your list. Determine who you are missing on your list (business category) and set a plan for how you are going to meet them.


2. Keep track of your squad 

Create a database of your contacts and note who they are. Make sure you know something about them to make a personal connection.

Pro Tip:  Use messenger chat on social to stay in connect with them. Find out what they like and look for ways to stay in touch throughout the year. Think: Are they obsessed with their dog or did they recently get married?


3. Try face-to-face time 3-5 x per week 

We know it's tough during busy season but in your off time spend quality time with your crew. Doing so will help your creativity and avoid burning out.

Pro Tip: Set up a reoccurring meet up. Plan a coffee date every Tuesday throughout the month to hold yourself accountable. 


4. Look for people who are different than you 

This industry is amazing but it is important to stretch yourself to get to know people outside of your clique. Tap the diverse community and welcome all races, culture, categories, location and years in business. When you get closer with people from all over you can help strength you and your brand.

Pro Tip: Reach out to someone in a different category or from a different culture. Why? Because you can learn so much from them.


5. Give a little get a lot 

Approach your relationships with what you can bring to the table as well. Pros can tell when you are talking to them just to get something out of them. Relationships take time and will eventually help you void large problems.

Pro Tip: Determine how open you can be and what you can do to help someone get to the next level. Find out what is important to someone you just met and how to interact with them in the most genuine way. 


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