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3 SEO Tips to Help Get You More Traffic to Your Storefront on The Knot

There are a few tips and tricks to help your storefront listing on The Knot rank above your competitors. With a little help from our SEO experts here at The Knot, we distilled it down into three simple steps. So if you want to increase the chances of having your storefront rank higher (read: more traffic, more engagement and more leads!), follow along right here.

Step 1. Start with your headline (that's the copy that appears right below "About This Vendor") 

Think of this as YOUR singular headline for your business. Ask yourself: What is it that makes you and your business unique? What are you known for that your competitors aren't? Put that there. Whatever you do, don't be generic! For example, it's not "Charleston's rustic barn wedding venue," it's "Family-owned big red rustic barn venue." To oversimplify it, the more specific you are in your headline, the more likely Google is to favor yours above someone else's that doesn't sound as unique.

Step 2. Re-work your "About This Vendor" description copy (that's the copy that falls below the headline).


This is your most important copy block when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) because you get SEO value and will attract more traffic if you have a unique description on your storefront. And know this: The biggest no-no is to copy and paste from your website or from your listing someplace else. Yes, you read that right. Do not, we repeat do not, copy and paste words from your website or another listing of your business onto your storefront profile on The Knot. That will only hurt your search presence. Why? Again, to put it simply, when Google sees that your copy block is similar or identical to something else on the internet, you in a sense set yourself up to compete with your own website, which can hurt your ranking. Instead, take your time to write out a unique description for your storefront on The Knot. Of course it should sound similar to your voice and tone from your website but it just shouldn't be exactly the same. 
Here, a few more tips to writing your description copy:
  • Mention your company name one or two times
  • Mention the specific types of products or services you offer (could be "custom fondant wedding cakes" or "candid photojournalistic wedding photography")
  • Be yourself and use your words! (Your voice, your brand voice is incredibly important to establishing trust but it also builds trust with Google!)
  • Look for generic terms like ("perfect wedding" or "wedding of your dreams" and replace with something more in line with what you would say in a conversation with a client like "get married in front of our rose garden surrounded by your friends and family." 
  • Include your "why" - in other words, write about how specifically you stand out from your competitors, specialty words that are unique to them (like keywords).
  • Write in a way that's different and unique in your voice ("we're no slouchers" not "we offer great customer service")

Step 3. A/B test photos (and video) in your carousel.

The photos and video that you choose to represent your company can either make or break your engagement and your SEO potential on your storefront (as in, prompt potential clients to stick around and read more or contact you, or bounce off the page). The more engaging your photos and videos are and the longer clients stay on the page, the more relevant Google thinks you are. Make sure you're using high-quality photos and videos (read: no blurry images!) that combine images of what makes your offerings unique and different from your competitors and shows your clients enjoying themselves. And very important: Experiment with that first photo in your carousel to ensure potential clients aren't simply bouncing off of your storefront. It'll help you glean more leads and Google will reward you for it!
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