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5 Questions We Wish You Had Asked During Our Instagram 101 Webinar

Last week we hosted an Instagram Basics webinar for members of The Knot Pro and received an overwhelming number of great questions from attendees. When it comes to mastering the social channel, there’s so much to cover and tackle. So while we hope we helped answer most of your questions, here are five more hot button Instagram questions we think you might also want the answers to!

1. Is it really better to put your hashtags in a comment, rather than the caption?

We had a lot of questions roll in about how to leave the “hashtag bomb” on an Instagram post as a comment. But we think it’s important for you to understand exactly why we think it’s the best place for them. By putting hashtags in your first comment it keeps the image caption clean and clear, and the first comment full of hashtags will disappear after a few comments on your image. You are allowed to use 30 hashtags per post, and it can look a little “spammy” (not to mention, lengthy) to have all of those in your caption. Hiding them in the comments section keeps everything clean and pretty.

See For Yourself: Check out our video guide to hashtagging.

2. Do I have to have both Instagram and Facebook accounts for my business? Which one is better?

As of now, the rate of people joining Instagram is significantly higher rate than FacebookSo if you’re looking at the numbers, Instagram is hot. But more importantly, the thing to keep in mind about building your brand on social media is that it’s not a one size fits all scenario. And there are different ways each network serves you as a business owner. For example, Facebook gives users multiple ways to reach out to you directly on the site. From sending you a message to clicking your call to action (CTA) button, Facebook makes it easy for you to make a direct connection. Facebook also provides a much more in-depth look at your page’s audience and your followers. On the other hand, Instagram makes it much easier to be discovered and get new followers with hashtags and location tags. And it’s totally visually based, (read: perfect for the weddings industry).

See For Yourself: We found this piece on Instagram (from particularly helpful. 

3. How can I make time to post?

The key to working smarter, not harder when it comes to social media is to use social media management tools. Social posting tools will take care of the legwork of posting so you can sit back and relax (or fit in more time for doing the things you love). More advanced tools can even analyze your audience to share your content at the most ideal time, or automate your most successful posts.

See For Yourself: 5 Apps to Help Schedule Your Posts

4. How do I go about getting professional photos if I’m not a photographer?

Anja recommended in the webinar that your feed be filled with professional quality photos -- images featuring your work that look way better than a grainy iPhone shot. But how can you actually get those images without paying a photographer? Make a connection, and follow up! Reach out to a photographer from a recent wedding your worked and explain that you’d like to feature an image or two from the wedding on your social media. Be sure to mention that you will give them full credit for the image, and exchange social media handles so you know you’ll tag them correctly. Or, consider collaborating with friends in the wedding industry for a styled shoot. That way, you’ll know that you can use the images and share them on your account.

See For YourselfPhotographer Abby Capalbo shared her standard guidelines to crediting images on Instagram on her blog. See that here.

5. How do I know if couples are actually seeing my posts?

For as much time as you’re spending cultivating your feed, you’ve got to be curious what the payoff is, right? One of the best ways to track is this by using the Insights tab on your Instagram app. That’s the little four-bar graph symbol in the top right of your profile page (business accounts only). Use the Insights tab to see how many Impressions (number of times your post is viewed) and Engagement (number of likes & comments on your post) you’re getting. This is a great way to track the growth of your account and see what’s working to get more Impressions (aka, get on more feeds).

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