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7 Wildly Creative Wedding Businesses Taking Guest Entertainment To Another Level

Every year, we put together our Real Weddings Study to get to the bottom of how couples across the US are planning their weddings. Get this: One of the biggest changes year over year is guest entertainment. Couples booking custom guest entertainment has more than tripled in the past 7 years. Added entertainment like performances, mixologists, live event painters and more have basically become a must-have at most millennial weddings.

As it turns out, there are a few businesses in our industry who are seriously keeping up with the trends. Here, 7 genius local wedding businesses across the country who are capitalizing on the undeniable popularity of guest entertainment.

1. Scott Andrew James Typewriter Poetry (Live Poetry), Austin, TX

Yup, you read that right. Wordsmiths like Austin-based Scott Andrew James Typewriter Poetry are turning their literary talents into extremely unique wedding entertainment. Scott writes custom poems for guests for one-of-a-kind favors.


Photo via Facebook / Scott James

2. Happily Ever Laughter (For The Kids), Los Angeles, CA

Custom entertainment can be kid-friendly, too. Companies like California-based Happily Ever Laughter feature performers perfect for keeping wedding guests under the age of 15 entertained and busy.


Photo via

3. The Slow Motion Booth (Outside-The-Box Photo Booths), Minneapolis, MN

With nearly 80% of couples hiring a photo booth for their wedding, it's undoubtedly the most popular choice for guest entertainment. The Slow Motion Booth, a nationwide company, makes seriously cool slow motion gifs of groups in the booth, instead of the standard photo strips.

The Slow Motion Booth Presents | Erika and Hutch's Wedding from The Slow Motion Booth on Vimeo.


4. Big Dog Pyro (Specialty Firework Displays), Austin, TX

When sparkler send-offs are all too ordinary, companies like Texas-based Big Dog Pyro step in. From custom fireworks displays to indoor sparkling fountains, Big Dog Pyro ensures that every reception ends in a spectacular fashion.


Photo via Facebook / Big Dog Pyro

5. Cigar Stud Events (Branded Onsite Favors), Miami, Florida

This one feels familiar, but companies like Cigar Stud Events are re purposing classic reception entertainment like cigar rolling to incorporate unique touches that couples love. The Miami-based Cigar Stud Events finishes their onsite rolled cigars with personalized custom labels for each couple. They see cigar rolling as an educational experience, and include lighting, cutting and guiding guests as an essential part of their packages.


Photo via Instagram @cigarstud

6. Kombi Keg San Diego (Out-Of-The-Ordinary Bars), San Diego, CA

If you're in bar services, we are excited for you. According to our Real Weddings Survey, more couples are booking premium bar packages and skipping the cash bar option. They're also opting for signature cocktails, and unique bar setups like Kombi Keg San Diego, a totally mobile vintage VW bus that happens to be stocked with 6 taps and kegs for serve-yourself-style pints.


Photo via Instagram @kombikegsd

7. Event Painting by Katherine (Live Painting), Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY based artist Katherine Gressel is taking the wedding world by storm with her amazing live paintings. And tons of talented artists are following in her footsteps. Live paintings capture the energy and emotion of the wedding day in a totally different way than a photograph. Plus, guests can peek over her shoulder and watch the magic happen.


Photo via

Know of a genius local business geared toward custom guest entertainment? Share it in the comments below!

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