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10 Reasons Why Winning The Knot Best of Weddings Is Basically The Greatest Thing Ever

We get it. We're tooting our own horn here. But in all seriousness, getting on The Knot Best of Weddings list is a pretty big deal. It comes with a lot of perks and gives your couples a sense of confidence in your business right from the start. Here, 10 reasons why (we think) winning The Knot Best of Weddings is the greatest thing ever.

10. You get perks at The Knot events.

We want our Best of Weddings winners to feel extra special. That's why whenever we host a workshop, all the winners get a customized treat at check-in. Think: champagne with your name on it.

2017_TK_Kansas_Workshop_EpagaFOTO (11)

Photo: epagaFOTO

9. We send you SWAG for your shop or office.

Best of Weddings winners are sent this cute plaque in the mail a few weeks after winning. Whether you decide to put it up in your shop window or style in in a Instagram-able flat lay is up to you. We can guarantee that couples who come in to visit you or scope our your social media will notice.

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Photo via Instagram @purplewagondesigns

8. We make it easy to flaunt it on your website.

No need to design your own graphics. Posting one of our easy to download Best of Weddings stickers on your website is a simple way to re-enforce to couples that you're on our list.

website banner

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7. You're one step closer to the Hall of Fame.

Anyone who wins Best of Weddings four or more times is awarded  The Knot Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame comes with it's own set of perks. Think: upgraded SWAG and storefront ribbons.

6. Couples will see more of you on

The Knot runs some serious PR promotion to get the word out about Best of Weddings winners on our site and social media. We're talking shout outs to our audience of over 2 million social followers, and daily emails to new couples who join promoting our Best of Weddings winners.


5. You'll see more visits overall.

Get this: storefronts with The Knot Best of Weddings ribbon receive more than three times more unique visits than those without. That kind of influx in traffic to your storefront makes finding couples that are the right fit for you so much easier.

4. We help you get your name out there.

After you've won Best of Weddings, you'll want to spread the word. Winners receive tips and tricks to announcing their win, which includes a press release template to send out to local outlets.



3. It allows you to be seen as more of an expert.

Having awards like Best of Weddings under your belt means more than 10 couples love the work you did and were willing to brag about you online. That, in turn, adds value to your business and means you spend less time trying to convince couples of your worth.

2. You're part of an elite group.

Only 2% of all wedding pros on The Knot are Best of Weddings winners. Yep, you read that right. Having that little blue ribbon on your storefront sets you apart from the pack and gives you a serious edge over the competition.

BOW homepage

1. It helps you instill confidence in your clients.

We asked winners on The Knot Pro Instagram to tell us how winning Best of Weddings has helped their businesses. The number one sentiment? Being a Best of Weddings winner gives couples a sense of confidence and trust in you even before they book. And what could be better than having amazing clients who totally trust you!


Photo via Instagram @fxphotobooths


Have we convinced you yet? Learn how to qualify here. 


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