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3 Reasons Why Being Featured In Local Print Magazines Can Help You Book More Business

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We just got some very interesting survey results back from our print magazine study (called The Knot Readership Study) and had to share. The biggest takeaway: Being featured in The Knot local print magazines actually creates trust and inspires couples to take action on the businesses they discover. Here, 3 reasons why our local magazines can help you book more business (plus some very interesting stats for the taking!).

1. You'll reach the right audience.

We publish and produce 16 different editions of The Knot local magazine in states across the country. Every one of those issues is full of real wedding stories, featuring couples from across the country. And we make it our business to really canvas each region so that we're showcasing a diverse set of couples, venues styles and price points.

It gets better: Add to that, 1 in 4 readers of The Knot local magazines report that they are planning a wedding in a different state than where they reside. So being featured also puts you in front of destination couples.


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2. Couples are more interested in hiring local pros they've seen in The Knot local magazines.

Yep, you read that right. In fact, 8 out of 10 couples, say that they are more interested in hiring a wedding pro found in one of The Knot regional magazine. In other words, they're not just looking for inspiration, they're looking for you.

It gets better: Add to that, 43% of readers cited "looking for local pros in their area" as one of the reasons they read The Knot local magazines.

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3. Local print advertising actually leads couples to take real action.

Not only do 8 in 10 couples say they are more interested in hiring local pros they've seen in The Knot local magazines, 9 in 10 actually report having taken action from the local ads they see in our magazines. Translation: Getting featured in or advertising in a local magazine builds real trust and credibility.

It gets better: Over 25% of readers say they contacted a local vendor they found in their local edition of The Knot magazine. And, after having seeing an ad for a local vendor in an edition of The Knot local magazine, 40% of readers report having visited the wedding pro's website to get more information.

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