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81% of Couples Are Planning Their Weddings on Their Phones -- Here's What You Can Do

Ever heard the phrase "mobile-first"? It's a technical term that technology and product designers use when referring to creating websites and apps for a phone screen first, and then later creating a desktop-friendly design. But we're here to tell you that mobile-first is a term that everyone in the weddings industry needs to embrace and take to heart. Why? According to our most recent study, The Knot Real Weddings Study, 81% of couples are using their phones to plan their weddings.

So if you're not considering how your website and branding looks on mobile, we're not going to put it lightly: You need to start! Here, 3 easy ways to get on board with mobile-first design.

1. Make the search easier with simple navigation.

According to our study, 60% of couples reported using their phones to look up and manage their wedding pros. Translation? When they're scrolling through your site on a phone, it should look as appealing as it would on a desktop computer. They want to see sites that look great and have tons of helpful information that's easily accessible. Think: simple, fun and organized.

Tip for the taking: Icons and links that navigate to additional sites (like your contact information) should be easy to find, and spaced apart so they're easy to select on mobile. If you're using a plug-and-play site like Squarespace, take advantage of their Device View toggle to preview what your site looks like on different devices.

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2. Make sure your website loads lightening fast on a phone.

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds (yes, 3!) to load on mobile, you're likely losing out on visitors and possible clients. According to Google's recent reports on website load times and user abandonment, pages that take longer than 3 seconds see high rates of abandonment.

Tip for the taking: There's a really helpful tool that Google offers for free that will assess the speed of your website called Test My Site With Google to see how fast your web page loads on mobile. Click on the URL, test your page load time, and then get tips and advice as to how to fix your website.

3. Download the most popular wedding planner app (The Knot Wedding Planner App) to your phone.

In order to really connect with couples and understand how wedding planning on a phone works, you have to try it out for yourself. The Knot Wedding Planner App is currently the most popular wedding planning app for Apple and Android. Add to that, 52% of couples reported using wedding planning apps to keep organized during their planning process. Planning looks different on an app -- everything from photos to the copy looks a little different. Try it for yourself so that you understand what the unique elements are.

Tip for the taking: Once you've played around with wedding planning apps that couples are using, you can cater your conversations to your couples that signal to them that you totally speak their language. You'll be able to talk the talk and cater your messages to match what they're seeing on the apps and answer questions before they even ask them.





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