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These 3 Custom Cake Bakers Found Their Niche

We all know the best of 2017's hottest trends for wedding cakes: naked (little to no frosting), ombre (blended tints from light to dark) and metallic (silver and gold accents). But what you might not know is that some of the busiest cake bakers in the US are offering customization of their cakes- beyond the flavor and design.
According to Food Allergy Research & Education, Inc, up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. Some of the most common food allergies (think milk, eggs, peanuts and wheat) also happen to be the most common ingredients for cake baking! So what are today's savvy cake bakers doing? They're taking food allergies and dietary restrictions into consideration as they build their brand and creating a niche in their local market.
Here, 3 cake bakers who offer something special for consumers with specific nutritional needs.


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Photos via Lael Cakes

Lael Cakes,  a Brooklyn, NY-based boutique cake studio, specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free optional cakes and desserts. Owner Emily Lael Aumiller uses her own unique blend of non-gluten flours for her creations. She keeps the cakes available to a variety of dietary restrictions by offering alternative ingredients for refined sugar, saturated fat, and dairy. And get this: Lael Cakes even uses dyes extracted from the natural pigments of fruits and vegetables to color their cakes.


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Photos via Hippie Chick Bakery
Hippie Chick Bakery, a Kensington, NH-based bakery, has devoted their business to serving clients with nut allergies. Owners Amy Mastronardi and Carl Neunaber create and bake their cakes in a completely peanut and tree nut free facility to ensure that client with nut allergies can enjoy their cakes worry-free. Their ban on nuts extends to every ingredient, from butters to extracts.


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Photos via Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes 

Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes, a Santa Cruz, CA-based bakery, focuses on baking cakes with as many organic, locally-sourced ingredients as possible. Edith and her team work with local organic farmers and are committed to using free-range eggs, organic flours, sugars, fruits and vegetables in their cakes. Using locally sourced ingredients ensures that the bakers (and clients) are totally informed of how every ingredient in each cake was grown and processed.


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