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Flower Recycling For Weddings Is Now A Thing with Bloomerent

You can share a ride (Lyft), share your home (Airbnb) and even share your pet (Borrow My Doggy-yes it's real). Now there's a sharing economy-style service that's hit our industry. Bloomerent allows couples getting married on the same weekend in the same city to share wedding flowers. The service gives participating wedding florists an opportunity to lower their overhead cost, it saves couples money (first wedding gets a slight discount for participating and the second gets an even deeper one), and it's an unarguably an eco-friendly model.

Before you write it off, know this: This generation of millennials (aka your clients) are 66% more likely to engage with brands with a cause, according to a study by Omnicom Group’s Cone Communications. So for couples interested in collaborating with environmentally friendly pros, using Bloomerent could be a no brainer.

Of course you probably have a million questions. Answers below...


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What do the flowers look like before and after?

Instead of throwing away event flowers after the 5-6 hours they're on display, Bloomerent-approved florists recycle arrangements over a span of two events. The florists re-vamp the original arrangements after the first event. They toss anything that may have wilted and refresh the design for the second event.

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How does pricing work?

After signing up with a Bloomerent-approved florist, the couple hosting the first event saves 10% on their flowers. The couple hosting the second event gets a touched-up version of the first couple's flowers with a 40-60% discount. For the florist, the idea is that they don't have to spend nearly as much on hard costs for two events because they're essentially doing a two for one type of deal.

Where does Bloomerent find their florists?

There is an application process on Bloomerent for florists to apply. From there, Bloomerent vets applicants and invites them to be a part of their program. Interested? Apply to join the Bloomerent community here.


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