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7 Weird Must-Haves for Your Day-Of Bag (Suggested by Wedding Pros)

Hair pins and stain wipes are a given for day-of bags for brides and grooms. But we know that as a wedding pro, there are some items in your bag that are a little less conventional. We put the word out on Facebook looking for you to share a little bit about what you put in your day-of bags. From golf tees to mittens, here are a few of the life-saving items we heard from you! Have more ideas and suggestions? Share them in the comments!

1. Golf Tees

Venue owner and wedding coordinator Sarah Bittner recommends golf tees to make outdoor bridal party ceremony and photo placement a snap.

2. Extra Mittens

For chilly climates, Minnesota-based photographer Emily Weidner of Sees the Day in Minneapolis carries an extra pair of mittens in her bag for the bride to throw on in between photos to keep her hands warm.

3. Liquid Band-Aid Stick

To beat uncomfortable shoes and countless other issues (think: scratchy sequins), Theresa Matherne of Theresa Elizabeth Photography always has a liquid band-aid stick on hand.

4. Sweater Stone

The team at Leaves Floral Design & Events' day-of kit is stocked full of supplies perfect for last minute solutions, including a sweater stone to scuff the bottom of new shoes.

5. White Zip Ties

New Jersey Wedding Planner Kathi R. Fiorino Evans packs small white zip ties in her bag for broken bustles.

6. Small Tool Set

Olmos Sound and Lighting owner Jonathan Olmos' top pick to save the day? A small tool set.

7. Sewing Kit

Photographer Amanda Taylor-Heikkila recommends having quick fix dress necessities- clear straps, dress tape, and a sewing kit- in case something goes wrong in the minutes before the bride heads down the aisle.
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