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7 Ways to Get Serious ROI from The Knot

Here's the truth: If you've chosen to spend some of your marketing dollars with The Knot, we want to make sure you're getting a real return on investment with us. And that value could mean leads (as in quality leads that turn into incredible clients), assistance in elevating your brand, introducing you to other influencers in the industry or even just providing you with great education to help you better connect with clients and close the sale faster -- or all of the above!

Regardless of whether your goal is to take your wedding business full-time or you're an industry veteran and want to stay on top of the trends, we want to make sure you're getting what you need. Here, 7 ways to get serious ROI.


1. Subscribe to The Knot Pro News (and blog!).

Every Thursday, we send out a newsletter called The Knot Pro News. It's designed to keep you up-to-date and inspired with all the latest stats and trends in the industry, wedding ideas, and networking events and business-building content. Sign up for it and look out for it each Thursday if you haven't already.

Tip for the Takeaway: Another way to stay on top of what's happening? Subscribe to our newsfeed and get an alert each time we publish a story to our blog.

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2. Track your storefront performance.

The worst thing you could do is to spend money on marketing your business but not track your performance. Your storefront on The Knot is designed to attract the right couples (as in clients that match your price point and style) through your work (with that big photo carousel!), search engines, an easy-to-navigate design that lets couples discover and reach out to you when they're on the go (it's super mobile-friendly) and more. But all that said, if you don't keep track of what's working, you won't see the full potential of your spend. For example, you could be getting a lot of traffic to your storefront but maybe couples are bouncing before they reach out to you. Or maybe you’re not attracting the types of couples that fit with your price point and style. How to make sure that's not you-- and fix the issue if it is? Log into your account (The Knot Pro dashboard) and check out your performance metrics and make adjustments to your photos, bio and more.

Tip for the Takeaway: You could also make an appointment with your strategy specialist. He or she will log in and walk you through your metrics to help you discover what you need to do to optimize your storefront to help pull in more quality leads!

Go to your account

> Email to set up a strategy specialist appointment


3. Request reviews and keep an eye on them.

Glowing reviews -- and lots of them -- will give you tons of street credibility and help you book more of the right couples. Make that happen by being proactive about getting reviews of your work onto And build it into your workflow and process so that it's never an after-thought. For example, two weeks after the wedding, reach out to your couple with a thank-you note or follow-up and a request for a review on The Knot. If it's an email, make it super easy by providing a link to review you.

Tip for the Takeaway: If you end up getting 10 or more great reviews for the year, you'll qualify for an award called Best of Weddings. And trust us when we tell you, the wedding pros who have won Best of Weddings in the past tell us that having that award displayed prominently in their office on their Instagram account and website has helped attract new clients and close more sales than ever.

See 4 ways to get more reviews on your storefront


4. Follow @TheKnotPro on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We're not fishing for followers. Seriously, following us on the major social channels will give you a leg up as to what's going on in our industry and keep you updated on all the latest events and workshops we have planned across the country. Not only that, but we also spend a lot of time curating inspiring, interesting and helpful entrepreneurial news and information that we think you’d find helpful -- and then we send out our favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

Tip for the Takeaway: If you have a photo or piece of news you think we need to know about, message us on Facebook, use our hashtag (#theknotpro) and mention us on Instagram (@theknotpro). We would LOVE to hear anything and everything wedding industry-related!

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5. Submit your weddings to and The Knot Magazines.

Getting featured in the editorial pages of our magazines and on will not only help you add more credibility to your brand and business, it’ll actually help you drive more (higher-end) couples. It’s true: a recent Two Bright Lights Study found that photographers and planners make significantly more revenue than their non-published counterparts. Plus, if you submit and end up getting featured in one of The Knot Magazines (be it The Knot local magazines or The Knot national), that also means you'll get to see your work on and across our social channels. (That’s a very powerful marketing vehicle!)

Tip for the Takeaway: Submitting is easy. We use a platform called Two Bright Lights to take in all of our submissions. Two Bright Lights works with over 400 publications to help photographers, planners, venues and other creatives to get featured. (It’s totally free to submit to The Knot.)

Find out how (and when) to submit to The Knot 

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6. Add an “As Seen on The Knot” badge to your website and social handles.

We can’t tell you how many wedding pros we’ve talked to who tell us that once they joined and signed up with The Knot and added our logo to their websites, they saw an enormous jump in quality leads and sales. It’s super easy to do too – click the link below to download and add one to your site.

Tip for the Takeaway: Link to your storefront on from your social channels, and especially your website. Why? You’ll help create more traffic from Google to your site and to your storefront on, which could very well likely lead to more couples finding you.

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7. RSVP for our mixers and workshops.

The weddings industry is a relationships industry. So put yourself out there. Join trade associations and attend our market mixers and education workshops to network and make new connections. You never know who is going to bring you your next client and you’ll have a hard time taking your business to the next level without meeting new people. That’s why we throw dozens of market mixers and full-day education workshops across the country. We do it not only to bring you great content designed for your market but also to give you the opportunity to meet new people -- national and locally influential people -- to help get you to where you want to be.

Tip for the Takeaway: And just for the record, we don't suggest that you go to events just to hand out your business card to as many people as possible. Our advice: Actually make real friends. Making and connecting with new people and making real friends in this industry are big keys to unlocking new business (read: the types of clients that you want to reach).

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