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5 Insanely Creative Wedding Businesses That Are Capitalizing on Personalization

75% of couples included at least one signature element in their wedding day. What exactly do we mean by signature? A signature element is completely personalized for the couple -- think custom, unique and one of a kind. 

Today's couples are always looking for new ways to make their wedding stand out from the rest, and in response, some local businesses are getting seriously creative. Here are 5 of our favorites.

1. Snake Oil Cocktail Company (Signature Cocktails)

San Diego based Snake Oil Cocktail Company works with couples to whip up delicious, one-of-a-kind cocktails that tell a story about the couple. Think ingredients like smashed smoked corn, wildflower honey, and blueberry soliel (yep, you read that right).  


Photography by Hannah Costello

2. Hammie The Photobooth (Vintage Trailer Photo Booth)

Portland, Oregon, based Hammie The Photobooth is owned by pro photographer Jeanette Schenk. The 1964 canned ham shaped trailer, fully restored by Jeanette and her husband, is a new favorite across the Pacific Northwest. This adorable, Tiffany blue trailer is fully equipped with a DSLR camera, an interior Bose sound system and can squeeze (almost) every member of a bridal party inside for photo booth fun (up to 12!). 

photo booth.jpg

Photo via:

 3. Filtered Vows (Custom Snapchat Geofilters)

With 161 million daily active users, Snapchat is one of the most popular (and fun) social media apps. Tech company Filtered Vows is taking advantage of the Snapchat craze and built a business designing personalized wedding-day Snapchat geofilters. Led by CEO Will Elliott, the team at Filtered Vows creates custom location based filters starting at only $69.


Photo via:

4. Dream Day Weddings (A Getting Ready Lounge)

Here's one we've never seen before. Dream Day Weddings, based in Blaine, Minnesota, has made it their business to create gorgeous, custom bridal suite set-ups, regardless of location. Packages include lighted vanities, modern furniture and full-length mirrors.  

getting ready rental.JPG

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5. The Campfire Experience (Luxury Camping)

Columbus, Ohio-based company The Campfire Experience creates custom luxury camping set-ups for their clients. Along with rental options like the Sibley bell tent and the classic teardrop trailer, owner Amy Gillespie and her team offer a concierge service to score perfect furnishings and entertainment for the glamping event sites.

campfire experience

Photography by Addison Jones Photography

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