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5 Tech Trends You Need To Know About

Get this: A millennial (aka your customer!) is 2.5X more likely to be an early adopter of technology than other generation. What does that have to do with your bottom line? It means that in order to stay connected and relevant to couples, it’s critical to stay on top of technology trends and to understand how they can help you build your business.

Here, five techy trends that are about to (or already are!) having a big impact on the weddings industry.


Tech Trend 1: Video Storytelling Apps

Here’s a fun fact: Video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014, according to technology giant Cisco. Yes you read that right. Photos and copy are great but video is going to be by far the number one way that people consume content on social media in the coming years.

What Does That Mean for You?
Because web traffic is going to be heavily video-driven, it’s important that you start to experiment with video. If you’re not using video storytelling to your advantage yet, you could be missing out on a chance to expand your online presence. Need an example? Our friend Clara Hough from House of Hough does a great job of adding video from behind the scenes at some of her events and at her warehouse.


PS. You don’t have to be a videographer to make it happen (although it helps). There are now apps that can help you piece together iPhone footage to help create compelling marketing videos. (We love Animoto for their easy-to-use templates.)

Tech Trend 2: Messenger Apps That Can Do A Lot More Than Emojis

In addition to using messenger to text and talk to your friends and family, apps like Facebook messenger are positioning themselves to help you do a lot more. For example, you can now send money (like Venmo or PayPal) through Facebook Messenger.


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And big shopping sites and brands like Nordstrom are experimenting with customer service concierges that will talk and text with you to suggest outfits, shoes and more to help you find and buy what you’re looking for faster than ever.


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What Does That Mean For You?
It means that expectations around messenger apps are changing quickly. It’s not far off to imagine a day where a couple might ask you whether you take payments through Facebook. And it’s definitely not off-base to suggest that your couples will want to contact you via text rather than phone.

That's why The Knot Pro offers an easy-to-use messenger service that allows couples to messenger you straight from your storefront.

Tech Trend 3: On Demand Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ever played with those filters on Snapchat that change your face and make you look like you’re glowing and wearing an oversized flower crown? That’s augmented reality. It’s here to stay and it’s not going anywhere. For example, Sally Hansen’s new nail color that uses an image of your hand to show you exactly what the latest nail shades will look like on you.


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Not to mention that we’ve come a long way from Google glass. This is the first-ever virtual reality and augmented reality iPhone case. The Figment VR case first popped up on Kickstarter last year and now, it’s available to all of us on, and only costs $49.99.


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What Does This Mean For You?
While it’s certainly changing the way we take selfies, it could very well change the way couples tour venues or even use inspiration boards. For example, imagine if you could really show a couple what their reception room would look like with the right up-lighting. Or perhaps show them how unique it might be to have lounge furniture in lieu of long tables. All of this is possible with augmented and virtual reality.

Tech Trend 4: 360 Cameras and Virtual Reality Wedding Videos

In a similar vein, we’re seeing the rise in popularity of 360 cameras -- as in, cameras that can provide 360 footage of a room. This past February, several big-name designers debuted their lines shot in 360 -- for the first time giving access to New York Fashion Week to anyone with a virtual reality head set.


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What Does This Mean For You?
New 360 wedding video companies are popping up all across the country like New York-based Virtual Reality Wedding 3D. Couples love it because they now have the opportunity to buy footage of their wedding day that allows them to re-live each and every moment (and expression!) of the day.

Tech Trend 5: 3D Printing

While 3D printing has been around for 20 years, it’s making the leap from printing prototypes to printing small batches of unique products ready for the market. Printers can produce objects in a range of materials from metals such as titanium or gold, polymers such as Nylon and polycarbonate or ceramics such as aluminum.


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What Does It Mean For You?
As 3D printers fall in price and become even items for the christmas list, imagine the implications. They can be used to print simple custom elements like cocktail stirrers, unique custom lighting, and even jewelry.


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But one of the coolest uses for 3D printing we’ve seen lately is this groom’s cake designed by Melissa of Melissa’s Fine Pastries in New Orleans. Definitely take the time to watch the video below!

[vimeo 176494226 w=640 h=360]

Melissa's Fine Pastries - Minas Tirith Cake from Studio Vieux Carre on Vimeo.


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