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Top 10 Words Couples Use to Describe Their Weddings

Every year, we send out a BIG survey to all of our couples called The Knot Real Weddings Study. Thousands of couples take the survey and to qualify to take the survey, participants have to have been married in the past year. The study gives us really great data and insights on our couples that we've ben able to learn from.

We've been running the study for more than 10 years at this point, and one of our favorite (read: most telling!) questions we ask is about how couples self-describe their weddings. That's because knowing the terms that couples are using to describe their weddings can really help better understand and better connect newly engaged couples. Take a look at the list of self-descriptors and ask yourself, which of these are on your website, social media captions and emails? 

Even more important is to know of those terms, which ones are trending up and which are on the decline. So take note of the most words used, plus the way they're trending versus our 2008 report. Spoiler alert: "Down to earth" "romantic" and "outdoorsy" are on the rise. "Elegant," "creative," "stylish," and "budget" are trending down.

See the list below!

TKROH16SS_JoannaSteven25 (2)

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1. Romantic (29%) +3 points

 2. Classic (24%)

 3. Fun (24%)

4. Elegant (22%) -9 points

5. Down-to-Earth (20%) +4 points

6. DIY (19%)

7. Traditional (17%)

8. Creative (14%) -4 points

9. Practical (14%)

10. Vintage (13%)

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