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5 Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making

Don't worry if you're guilty of making one of these mistakes, the solution to fixing every last one of them is here too!

Mistake 1: You Don't Schedule Your Posts

It’s easy to let the process of finding photos, writing captions and posting to social channels take over large chunks of your day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Scheduling your social media posts is one of the best ways to ensure that your social media channels not only look good, but that they don't take over your life. (You do have a day job after all!).
Tip for the Taking: Instead of starting and stopping throughout your day to post something to your business account, set aside time each week to plan out your social calendar. As in, block out an hour or two on the calendar each week to schedule all of your posts for each social channel. Hootsuite is a powerful tool that can help you easily manage and post to all of your social networks. For Instagram, there’s Later app. And Facebook has its own scheduler that allows you to plan your posts as well.


Mistake 2: You're Chasing Followers

It's impossibly easy to get caught up in the number of followers you have on Instagram. And to a certain extent, it's a number to covet. But hear us out: your follower count is not as important as your engagements. We're talking about the number of people who actually interact with your posts (likes, comments, shares). Think of it this way: If you have a ton of followers but no one cares what you have to say, you don't really have anything valuable. On the other hand, if the followers you do have, LOVE you, that's real trust.

Tip for the Taking: 
Stop trying to copy someone else. Social media posts that tend to get a lot of engagements have a point of view and something to say. So instead of saying, "we're so excited to show you this pink bouquet we did," say something with true value. Instead, you might say something like "We wanted Amy's pink bouquet to really pop against her gown. That's why we chose these deep pink cabbage roses. Bonus: They're in season!" See the difference?

Mistake 3: You Don't Look At Your Analytics

Instagram and Facebook -- not to mention Hootsuite and Later app -- all offer basic analytics. If you're not taking a little time to look over how your posts are doing, you're missing out on pertinent information that can help you work smarter not harder. Said another way: Analytics will help you understand what type of content audience is reacting to and engaging with, so that you can create more of it!

Tip for the Taking: Don't get overwhelmed by all the numbers. Pay attention to these two three metrics: the time of day that your followers are most likely to engage with you; the types of posts (do they tend to be photos of a particular item? something funny?) that your followers liked or engaged with the most; and how many engagements you received per post (that's a number you want to see go up up up over time).

Mistake 4: You Don't Take The Time To Tag Your Photos

If you don't take the time to tag your photos (as in give credit to the people -- photographer, florist or cake baker -- responsible for the image you're posting) you're not only not giving due credit, you're also missing out on valuable engagements and followers.

Tip for the Taking: Trust us: Posts that are tagged with other names and businesses will drive more engagements than ones that aren't Take the time to tag all of your photos properly. If it means posting less often, that's okay. It's more important that you're encouraging community than it is that you're posting often.

Mistake 5: You Don't Use Hashtags

Similar to tagging your photos, you have to use hashtags on Instagram if you want anyone outside of your followers to find your photos. Simply put, hashtags help you connect with others who have the same interests (like couples and fellow local wedding pros). Plus, it's a great way to boost your followers.

Tip for the Taking: Keep it simple and start using hashtags relevant to your the photo you're posting like #weddingflowers, #weddingindustry, #pinkwedding, #modernwedding. Don't try and be too clever (or make them too long!). Stumped? Think of what someone might naturally search for to find the photo you're posting.

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