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5 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

We know, we know. No one goes to websites anymore anyway because it's ALL about social media? Not so much. The truth is that you have to have an up to snuff website. That's because whether they find you on The Knot, on social media or through a recommendation, couples are also going to look for your website. If your website hasn't been updated in a while (as in broken links, older images and doesn't work very well on a mobile phone), that's could be a huge turnoff. Here, a few of the big signs you need to make some changes.


1. Your site doesn't look great on a phone.

Get this: 61% of people are unlikely to return to a website if they had trouble accessing it and 40% of those visitors will go to a competitor's website instead, according to a McKinsey Study from 2016. So not only are you missing out on potential clients with a bad mobile experience, you could be sending prospective couples straight into the hands of your competitors.

Fix it: You can do a quick check using Google's mobile-friendly test. If it turns out your site needs an upgrade, consider using an out-of-the-box mobile-friendly website solution (read: works well on a phone without you having to hire a big team to fix your site) like or for photographers.

2. Your contact information isn't on the home page.

Once they’ve landed on your website, you have about five seconds to sell yourself to the average millennial couple. In other words, you have to make it unbearably easy and obvious as to how to get a hold of you.

Fix it: Add a "call us" or "email us" graphic to the home page of your website. Design-wise, simple is best. For example, we use blue horizontal buttons to denote calls to action on and encourage our visitors to click. Come up with a color that fits with your website and play with it -- do it right and you're likely to see an up-tick in calls and emails.

3. You're getting very little traffic from Google.

If you're not pulling in much traffic from Google, it may be time to do an SEO site audit. That's just a fancy way of saying that you need to make sure that Google algorithms are properly reading your site and categorizing your website in the right way. If it's not, then you're missing out on potential couples finding you through search. Add to that, 40% of Google searches have a local intent (that's you!), according to a recent Google Mobile Moments Study.

Fix it: Think about the way you search for products and services you're looking for. Then put yourself in the shoes of a bride or groom and ask yourself, what would I search for to find me? For example, if you're a cake baker in Scottsdale, Arizona, it might be "wedding cakes in scottsdale" or "cake bakers in Scottsdale, Arizona." Next step is to look over your website. Do those phrases or keywords appear in any of the copy on your website? Are there places you might be able to add more of those words into the mix? If so, make it so!

4. The photos in your portfolio don't look anything like the ones on your social accounts.

While the portfolio on your website doesn't have to be updated all the time, it shouldn’t look remotely different from the type of work you’ve most recently promoted on your Instagram or Facebook accounts. If the photos between your website and social accounts are wildly different, you're essentially confusing potential clients. Without a cohesive visual story, they're not as likely to understand what it is that you have to offer.

Fix it: Make a pact to update your portfolio quarterly. You don't have to take down all of the old photos and replace them with all new ones but you do need to make sure your content matches.

5. You have a blog but it hasn't been updated in months (or years!).

The last thing you want is for an engaged couple to find your website, click over to your blog and discover the last post published was from last season. It sends a message that you're not excited about your business. And despite the fact that most marketing conversations tend to revolve around Instagram and Facebook, there is huge upside to maintaining a blog. Besides providing a platform for you to express yourself and showcase your work, it gives you a point of record for all of your past work that you can then use to promote all over social media (Pinterest too!) and drive in new potential clients who otherwise would never have found you.

Fix it: You don’t have to blog every day. You don’t even have to blog every week. However, you do need to be consistent. Come up with a rhythm that works for you. Maybe you take one day a month to sit down and blog a couple different posts. Then schedule them to go live throughout the month!

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