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10 Reasons Wedding Pros Have The Best Jobs Ever

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We know that working those grueling late hours on weekends is not always (read: rarely) glamorous. But when you think about the fact that [wedding planning, floral designing, menu tasting, music-mixing]  is what you do to pay the bills, you have to admit -- there's nothing else like it! Here, top reasons we're in the right industry...

10. We eat cake by the pound.

giphy (9).gif


9. It's a legit dance party every Saturday.

giphy (8).gif

8. We get to be on Instagram and call it work.

giphy (7).gif

7. ...And obsess over little details like customized drink stirrers and escort cards.

giphy (6).gif

6. We get to work with seriously creative people.

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5. We throw great parties of our own (because how could we not?).

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4. When things don't look quite right, we come together to do whatever it takes to fix it.

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3. Did we mention we make a living playing with our favorite things [cameras, flowers, dresses]?

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2. Success looks something like this.


1. Our motto: Work hard play hard.