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Not Getting a Response Back from Couples? 7 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Not to overwhelm, but the way you communicate with potential couples via email, text, and app (like as in The Knot messenger) can either help you book more couples, or turn away business. Here, a few of the mistakes not to make!


1. Mistake: You're Not Personalizing Your Reply To Every Inquiry

Couples who took the time to fill out a survey on your website and give you their address expect you to take the time to read their message and reply back in a personalized way. Even if you're not ready to send them specifics or hard numbers, they still want you to acknowledge any questions they may have asked. Even better: Throw something in there that makes them feel special. It could be as simple as writing, "I absolutely love fall weddings!" A little bit of that goes a long way in motivating couples to interact and engage with you (and get to the next step in the booking process).

2. Mistake: You're Not Talking Enough About Yourself

Engaged couples are dying to connect with you on the personal level. They don’t just want you to be talented and to be able to deliver their vision -- they want to get to know the person behind the company. Try throwing in something about yourself (why you got into the business, your favorite people to work with and why, or even the types of things you like to do in your spare time).

3. Mistake: Your Note Is Too Long

Big paragraphs are a no-no. Conversational and short is best with couples on email (think Facebook messenger not a novel). And ask yourself: could this be shortened and kept more brief? If the answer is yes, take the time to cut it down. You’ll be more likely to keep the conversation going!


4. Mistake: You're Not Making It Easy Enough

Beyond email, how else is best for prospective couples to get a hold of you? Make those options painfully obvious in your email to them. And give them a wide range of options to get a hold of you, be it through office and mobile phone or even text.

5. Mistake: You Didn't Respond Fast Enough

We know boundaries are important (you don't necessarily want to be available 24/7), but do what you can to get back to emails within the day. Couples tend to book the wedding pro that makes a connection AND gets back with them first. Whatever your turnaround time may be, let them know in your email so that they know what to expect.


6. Mistake: You Didn't Leave It With An Open-Ended Question

In the end, it’s important to keep the goal in mind -- that is to close the sale. One of the easiest ways to do that is to add an open-ended question to each communication. This is essentially a call to action that should trigger a response and keep the thread going. Try doing this even when they’ve reached out to you with a question. This will keep the momentum going and hopefully ensure they sign with you!

7. Mistake: You Didn't Sign Off With Your Name

There's no bigger turn-off than an out of office reply that reads like a robot said it. Couples want to read an email from you, the business owner. Make sure you’re signing off with your first name (not “The Company”).


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