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Resolve to Have These 3 Must-Haves on Your Storefront!

To state the obvious for those of you who advertise, your profile on has the potential to have an incredibly positive impact on your business and bottom line. (Businesses that become members of The Knot Pro get a storefront that allows them to showcase a curated portfolio of work, glowing reviews, awards, pricing information and quick click-to-contact access to couples interested in their services.) But here's the thing: Even if you do have a storefront on The Knot, you could still be missing out on valuable leads and clients. So if you have a storefront on (and if you don't, get with it!), do a check to make sure you have all three of these features up and running.

#1 Must-Have: Reviews (and a TON of them!)
With 192 rave reviews and counting on, Meg Garmers, owner of MG Hair & Makeup, manages an exemplary storefront. (Take a look here!) Why so great? Not only does she ensure that she has the right photos uploaded to her carousel to represent her work and her brand, she uses real reviews from past clients to really help tell her story and drive home her reputation as a trust-worthy, talented makeup option. Real testimonials are one of the best ways to create trust and confidence with prospective couples so if you haven't taken the time to encourage your past couples to leave one on, get to it. Tip for the taking? If you're a member of The Knot Pro, you have the ability to make your favorite reviews sticky (as in the first review you see) in the reviews tab. That way, as couples are scrolling through, they're sure to see and read your favorite reviews.

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2. Real Wedding Photos from Recent Weddings

One of the biggest mistakes pros make is that they'll sign up for a storefront on, upload photos to their carousel and then never update their photos. We know it's time-consuming to track down those photos (especially if you're not a photographer!), but if you could do yourself one big favor this year, we suggest you set time aside each quarter to update your images with recent real wedding photos. Check out Shaunae Teske's storefront on She does a good job of curating and keeping her photos updated. 

Update Your Storefront Photos


3. A (Conversational) Description of Your Business

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of photos, but the words you use matter too. Today's couples want to get to know the real you before reaching out. So once you've grabbed their attention with an amazing carousel image, you'll also want to make sure that your description (that headline and paragraph below "about this vendor") sounds conversational. It should be written in first person ideally and use lots of keywords and buzz words that you're used to hearing from your clients (eg, "romantic portraits," "a fun, jam-packed dance floor!" or "a venue packed with history"). We love the way Diana Venditto, owner of Eventi Floral & Events, wrote hers so check it out if you're looking for ideas.

Update Your About Me Section on The Knot


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