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5 About Us Pages That'll Make You Want To Change Yours

One of the best resolutions you could tackle this year is to update your About Me page. Why? Millennials (aka, your future customers) are looking for a way to connect with you well before they pick up the phone or reach out to you. They're going to stalk you all over the place -- from your Instagram profile to your Facebook page and, yes, even your website. Your About page is your big chance to create a personal connection with couples. Not so sure your page is doing all that? Let these wedding business About pages inspire you.

1. Sweet Cheeks Baking, Co.


Why It's Great: From the top of paragraph one, they get right to what they want you to know about their business and they do it in a super warm, inviting and personal way ("Welcome to our dreamy-delicious world of Sweet Cheeks Baking Co, a Women-Owned & Operated small business, baking cakes & desserts for..."). So before you've read anything else, you now know that they have a passion for what they do, they are proud to be a female-led company and that they are boutique and small. They then go on to reinforce and add context to those points in the paragraphs below all while maintaining a super conversational and warm tone.  

Make It Yours: Take a look at your about us page and make sure that you aren't burying the most important elements of who you are and what you do. That information (in your voice) should be right at the top of your about us page.

Check It Out:

2. Banga Studios

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.38.55 PM

Why It's Great: Instead of saying who they are at the top of their About Us page, Banga Studios uses a photograph to do the talking. The bright, playful photograph that features the entire staff in a game of tug-o-war communicates to prospective clients that Banga Studios not only does great work (of course the photo is great), but that they're a young, diverse team of cool urban photographers who like to have fun.  

Make It Yours: Consider dreaming up an about us photograph that would speak volumes of you and your team–especially if you happen to have a team that is also super unique, diverse and fun! 
Check It Out:

3. Manolo Doreste Photography

Why It's Great: Instead of crafting a lengthy bio about what he thinks is important, Manolo flips the script and provides answers to the questions he gets all the time from his clients. He even takes the opportunity to provide a phonetic spelling of his name so that prospective clients will know how to pronounce his name before they meet with him in person.  In other words, Manolo's About Me copy is the epitome of customer centric. 

Make It Yours: Take a page from Manolo's book here and jot down the questions you get all the time from clients. Then, consider re-writing your About Me page in a way that tackles those FAQs.

Check It Out:

4. Cocktails & Details


Why It's Great: The design and photography is sophisticated and super professional but the copy is as warm as a personal letter to a friend. Juxtaposing high-style website design and photography with conversational writing is a great way to differentiate yourself from others who may not come off as inviting or memorable in their copy. 

Make It Yours: Know this: Just because you're looking to attract traditional clients who want black-tie and classic elements for their wedding, doesn't mean they want your About Me page to read like a stuffy resume. An About Me page written in your voice is going to be far more relatable. Conversely, just because you're a laid-back person who likes to work with chill couples doesn't mean that those couples are cool with an About Us page that lacks thoughtful design and photography.  

Check It Out:

5. Le Reve Films

Why It's Great: Beyond the fact that this videography duo has THE cutest love story and are able to tell that story in a succinct (read: not overly mushy) way, they do something else really well: They state their value prop front and center on their About Us page. Just below the how-we-met-and-fell-in-love paragraph, there's a subhead that reads, "We Want to Produce a Film That You Will Adore Forever." As simple as it may sound, by proposing that they be the people to produce a forever film for their clients, they are communicating passion for the work that they do and the product that their clients receive.

Make It Yours: Look for a way to say that you're passionate about the product you put out the door without actually saying it. It can be challenging to do but so much more powerful if you're able to push past the generic "we're so passionate" phrase and find an alternative way to say or show the sentiment. A good place to start? Ask yourself: What do I want my clients to feel and think about my service and company years from now?

Check It Out:


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