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10 Worst Pieces of Wedding Business Advice

It's totally intimidating to start out on a new business venture -- not to mention one in the weddings industry. All those Instagram accounts flooded with thousands of followers, wedding planners with TV shows and celebrity clients, FAM trips in far-flung destinations make starting a weddings business seem like more of a pipe dream than one grounded in reality. Well we're here to remind you that everyone who has "made it" started from the bottom. We asked a few of our friends in the industry to tell us the bad advice they received along the way (and thankfully didn't listen to!). So for those of you just starting out, take note...


1. "'Fake it till you make it' is one of my least favorite. There's a fine line between leaving some challenges to be had and using an event as a guinea pig for your inexperience." -- Matthew Myhrum, Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization

2."Because you work on Saturdays, take Mondays off." -- Stephen Karlisch, Karlisch Studio

3. "If you want it done right, be prepared to do it yourself. Even though I am very particular with my business, hiring people to handle the stuff I am simply not amazingly skilled at, enjoy doing, or have adequate time for, has been a life saver, time saver and sanity saver." -- Laura DeCarlo, Laura Dee Photography

4. "You should discount destination weddings since its like a vacation for you." -- Stephen Karlisch, Karlisch Studio

5. "That you should charge less than everyone else to get the business" -- Stephanie Frazier Grimm, Couture Parties

6. "Never say no." -- Meena Lee-DePascale, 5th Avenue Weddings & Events

7. "If your work is great, couples will find you regardless of whether you advertise..." -- Casey Fatchett, Casey Fatchett Photography

8. "Work smarter, not harder... NOT true, work smarter AND harder lol" -- Brian Leahy, Brian Leahy Photography

9. "One of the worst ones for me was 'don't help your competitors' which I 100% disagree with. We save each others' butts all the time!" -- Clara Hough, House of Hough

10."Weddings are just like any other event..." -- Casey Fatchett, Casey Fatchett Photography


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