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5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Social Strategy (Like Right Now)

Photo: @JoseVilla on Instagram

1. Take inventory of your social channels.

Long before they reach out to you directly, couples are going to look you up on social media to see what they can learn about you. So make sure your social channels look active and showcase recent work. Ideally, you'd have a social presence across all the main social channels, but if that's not possible right now, decide which ones work and which ones don't and clean house. Have a blog that never gets updated? Hide it from your website. Haven't tweeted in months? Delete your account. (Twitter is probably not as popular as Facebook and Instagram anyway.)
Fix It: Take aim at your Instagram and Facebook accounts especially. Make sure all of your business information is up-to-date on Facebook and that your Instagram profile looks like a portfolio of your best work (no blurry photos!).

Photo: @DaughteroDesign on Instagram

2. Post regularly.

If a couple stumbles upon (read: stalks you) your Facebook or Instagram feed and you haven't posted in weeks or even months, they're likely to pass on you. That's because they will often use social media as a first stop to make a connection with you. Your absence is like not having shown up to the first meeting. And know this: It's not necessarily important that you are posting all of the time, but you do need to post regularly.
Fix It: Come up with a schedule and a cadence that works for you. Maybe it's two times per week on Facebook and three times per week on Instagram. Or maybe you can manage once per day on Facebook and once per week on Instagram.

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Photo: Later App

3. Create good scheduling habits.

While we're on the topic of posting, it's easy to let the process of scheduling take over your day. It doesn't have to be so hard and you'll do yourself a huge favor if you adopt just a few simple habits.
Fix It: Instead of starting and stopping throughout your day to post something to your business account, set aside time each week to plan out your social calendar. As in, block out an hour or two on the calendar each week to schedule all of your posts for each social channel. Hootsuite is a powerful tool that can help you easily manage and post to all of your social networks. For Instagram, there's Later app. And Facebook has its own scheduler that allows you to plan your posts as well.


4. Post at the right time of day.

Give yourself as much of an opportunity to get noticed on social by posting your photos and content at the ideal times. Consider the times you are most likely to check your social feed. Generally, social channels get hot before work, during lunch, after dinner and on Sunday evenings. Your audience might be particularly active during one of these times. Understand when that is and start publishing your posts accordingly.
Fix It: Get hip to the "Insights" tab on your Facebook page. It will tell you exactly when your audience is most likely to be online and interact with your content. Hootsuite will provide you with similar stats on Instagram, as will Later app.

Photo: @DavidBeahm on Instagram

5. Cross-promote!

It sounds obvious but it must be said: If no one knows you're there, they're certainly not going to know to follow you or engage with your posts.
Fix It: Choose your most active social channel and cross-promote the other channels from there. For example, if you have a lot of Facebook friends, promote your Instagram feed once a week on Facebook. Or, maybe you're trying your hand at Snapchat. Consider doing as our friend David Beahm did and adding a post of your username graphic to your Instagram feed (where all your friends can see!).

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