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The Abridged Millennial English Dictionary

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With the rise of social media and texting came an entirely new way of communicating--so if you're having trouble understanding what Millennial couples are saying to you, you're not the only one!

Here's a quick cheat sheet to help you roll with the cool kids:

Bae: Today's cool way of saying 'my love' or 'my boo.' Technically an acronym for 'before anyone else.') 'Me and Bae are at the movies!'

Basic: Unoriginal, uncool, average. Example: 'That mocha Frappuccino is so basic.'

Lit: Hopping, exciting, awesome. ‘That party is going to be so lit.’

Thirsty: Desperate, craving attention. ‘That guy is so thirsty. He is always texting me.’

Squad: A posse or crew. 'My squad will be there.’

Yaassss: An overly enthusiastic way of saying, ‘Yes!’ [Photo of a delicious piece of cake] ‘YAASSSS!’

V: It means 'very,' as in 'I'm V excited about my wedding day blooms!'

Swag: Used to describe someone with style who doesn't really care.

I can't even: Watch out for this one! It means losing patience, at a loss for words or pretty annoyed about something.

On fleek: On point, excellent.

Bookmark this page so you can quickly reference it the next time you come across an unfamiliar millennial word phrase!

Photography: Alison Conklin Photography