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It's been one year since the Supreme Court ruling recognizing marriage equality in the US -- and The Knot 2016 LGBTQ Weddings Study uncovered some great findings and serious trend alerts. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Spends soar:
    • Men spend an average of $33,822, compared with $25,334 for women.
    • Prior to legalization, the average cost was $18,424 for male couples and $16,218 for females in 2015.
  2. The pressure is on:
    • 15% of men and 10% of women report they feel the need to marry now that same-sex marriage is legal across the US.
  3. Guest lists spiral up:
    • Men have an average of 121 guests and woman have an average of 117 guests.
  4. It's all about personalization: 
    • The most popular element for men is a wedding logo or monogram (28%), while women report having a signature cocktail at the reception is key (27%).
  5. Family acceptance: 
    • There's a 53% increase in LGBTQ couples gaining acceptance, but more than half of couples still report that family was not accepting of their marriage.
  6. Families are contributing:
    • 23% of LGBTQ couples report the majority of their wedding receptions are paid for by their families.
  7. Before popping the question: 
    • 42% of men (up from 21% in 2015) and 46% (up from 24% in 2015) of women ask for permission from their partners family before proposing.
  8. Engagement ring spend is on the rise: 
    • On average, men are spending $5,719 on the engagement ring while women are spending $5,349.
  9. A destination affair:
    • Nearly half of LGBTQ couples consider their wedding a destination wedding
  10. They're having a ceremony: 
    • 74% of men and 81% of women are having a wedding ceremony, up from 67% of men and 70% of women in 2015.
    • Elopements are down 4% among men and 8% among women in 2016.

Want more? Check out the full study here.

Source: The Knot LGBTQ Study, 2016

Photography: Elana Jamie