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Is The Instagram Algorithm Really Changing?

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Instagram is rolling out a new algorithm for displaying photos--but not just yet!

Let's take a look at what this change in algorithm really means, and whether it's as scary as it looks to marketers:

The new algorithm (launch date has not yet been released) means that Instagram will show users photos they think users want to see, as opposed to the chronological listings everyone is accustomed to. The truth is, the chronological newsfeed was only truly effective in two instances: for businesses that posted to Instagram every half an hour OR if users followed limited handles. According to Optical Cortex data based on 20,000+ Instagram users, users follow an average of 822 people/brands. For a majority of brands their images most likely weren't the first thing a user saw; so chronological order didn't really matter anyway.

So, what are you supposed to do now? You need to get ahead of the game with smart strategies.

  • Quality content that drives engagement. Instagram is giving you time to adjust to the change before it kicks in - so use it wisely! Start responding to comments users leave on your images and use this as an opportunity to strike a conversation and drive engagement.
  • Focus on your analytics. If you are already using Instagram to seriously grow your wedding business, you already track and analyze results - so you know when your audience is online. You can still schedule posts to when your audience is most active and increase visibility of fresh content.
  • Find the right hashtags. Make sure you're testing which hashtags improve post engagement and monitor trending hashtags to see if any of them are relevant to your wedding business.

Start testing out some smart engagement strategies before these changes go live!


Source: Entrepreneur; "Ignore the Uproar. The Instagram Algorithm Change is a Good Thing."