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Did you know? 93% of millennials find mobile more important than their toothbrushes. In case you need another reason to be mobile-friendly, Google's got a pretty big one:

Google just announced that it’s launching an update to user's search results in May that will increase the effectiveness of “mobile-friendly” ranking. The goal for Google is to help their users find the most relevant and mobile-friendly content from any device.

Mobile search queries by Google users officially trumped desktop search queries in the US in 2015, with the mobile market continuing to grow. So it makes sense that Google continues to optimize results with mobile in mind.

Now more than ever, if you're website isn’t mobile-friendly, you won't show up at the top of couples’ Google search results.

4 tips for a mobile-friendly website:

  • Don’t use Flash or other software that is not common on mobile devices
  • Use text that is readable without having to zoom in
  • Size your content so that a reader doesn’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Place links within your content far enough apart so that someone can easily tap each link without having to zoom to select the right one.

Wondering how your website ranks? Test it here! (

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