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The Do's and Don'ts of Emoji Marketing

Topics: Social Media, Topics: Marketing

As emojis are growing more popular with consumers of all ages, marketers are now catching up on the trend. We created a sweet list of do's and dont's  of emoji marketing, check it out:

  • Know your emojis: Emojis that seem harmless may carry a totally different meaning than what you may think, so make sure to familiarize yourself with popular ones through sites like  emojipedia.
  • Don't use them too frequently: If you use emojis in your marketing all the time, they'll begin to lose their effectiveness.
  • There's a right time for everything: Only use emojis for when you want to keep the tone of you marketing message light and fun.
  • They're not for everyone: Marketing rules still apply, so make sure the message/audience is appropriate.
  • Add a little extra to your subject lines: Use emojis in your email subject lines to make them stand out from other emails in an inbox.
  • Get social: Use emojis in social media interactions with customers -- it's always fun to respond to a follower with an expressive emoji.

Remember to keep this list in mind before you jump on the emoji marketing bandwagon!

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