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Q&A with The Knot senior style editor, Lauren Kay

lkayAs the senior style editor at The Knot, Lauren Kay may have the coolest job ever! We recently caught up with Lauren to get the scoop on her favorite local wedding trend, advice for how to get featured in The Knot Magazines, and more -- check it out:

What brought you here to The Knot? I went to school for journalism (Go Cuse!) and have always loved writing. I started my career in men’s magazines and bounced around a bit. I also sold wedding stationery for a short stint and managed a bridal boutique on Madison Avenue. My love for writing and weddings made this job a perfect fit for me. 

What do you love most about working here at The Knot?  I love the subjects I get to cover—stationery, flowers, colors and decor, registry, gifting, DIY—everyday is beautiful. They’re also topics I’m genuinely interested in even though I am no longer planning a wedding. And I get to work with some of the most passionate people. The wedding industry is like no other when it comes to talent and enthusiasm.

How do you keep up with the latest trends? I lean on my industry friends—you all—regularly checking in on what clients are asking for, or how trends are evolving. I also love social media, especially Instagram. It’s a great place for me to see what’s happening in the wedding world, but also to derive inspiration from people in completely different industries. A wedding is a big party after all, so it’s easy to be inspired by everyday life.

When you're not thinking about all things weddings, what do you do in your free time?   I have a seven-month-old son, George, so I’m navigating motherhood for the first time—a totally fun and unmapped adventure. When I can sneak away in the morning (we’re talking the 5-8 AM hour) I love to visit the flower market. Fresh flowers are my favorite mood booster, hands down. And I always learn so much when I’m there. Naturally, I love a good party, especially a dinner party with friends. I like to send my guests home with “breakfast” for the morning after so I’m often baking too. I developed a serious sweet tooth while pregnant and it hasn’t gone away—ah!

As the senior style editor here at The Knot, we've got to ask, what's your favorite wedding trend right now?  I love the guest emphasis that’s happening right now. The party is still ALL about the couple, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been planned with the guest in mind. From welcome bags to unique entertainment and pillow favors (a favor placed in your guests’ hotel rooms so the fun continues after the last dance), all the personalized details are done through the lens of the guest experience. Now that’s a sure way to make your wedding unforgettable.

What advice would you give local wedding pros looking to get featured in The Knot Magazines?   What’s that Oscar Wilde quote, “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”, it totally applies here. Our readers want original ideas so we’re always on the lookout for weddings that feel special, yet different. Maybe it’s an all-greenery bridal bouquet or a fondant cake with video projection on the tiers. We see a lot of beautiful weddings so we’re always looking to be surprised and delighted with the unexpected, kind of how I imagine a wedding guest feels.

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