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The 411 on sending and receiving messages

Have you checked out the new Workspaces in My Account yet? Here's the 411 on how you can easily send and receive messages with couples!

MYA - #2

  • Couple sends you a message:
    • A visitor to your Storefront on (on mobile or desktop) or The Knot Wedding Planner App can easily click to message you
  • 2 ways to receive new messages:
    1. New messages will appear in My Account under the Leads tab as a "new lead card"--every subsequent message from that lead will be nested in this card
    2. You'll also get an email alert letting you know that a new message has been received
  • 3 ways to respond to messages:
    1. Reply directly to the email message alert you received in your business email
    2. Log into My Account (from any device), click on the Leads tab, click on the lead card and reply directly within the thread
    3. Copy and paste the member email address provided to you and create a new email message from your preferred email system (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)
  • Couples can access your message in 3 places:
    1. Couples will receive a new message in their personal email (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo)
    2. When couples log in to they will see a message notification in the top nav and on the member homepage, which clicks to their inbox
    3. Upon logging in to The Knot Wedding Planner app, couples will see a message notification and your message in their inbox

So how does the member email address work? 

Similar to how LinkedIn works, each lead will receive an member email alias. You can find this email address in My Account--click on a lead card, then look in the right-hand panel to find it.MYA - #6

This member email alias address can be copied and pasted into a new email message in your business email system. As long as you are using the member alias in your emails, your messages will be automatically linked to The Knot’s platform, and couples will receive your message to their personal email address, The Knot Wedding Planner App and their inbox on What's even better, the message will also automatically appear in your Workspace within My Account, so you can always keep up to date on your latest conversations.

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