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The Knot Ambassador Panel: Secrets to Driving Qualified Leads

The Knot Ambassadors hosted their first-ever panel discussion webinar-- and it was a total hit! Check out the recap below:

Cheryl & Shea Bailey 

  • Make a list of all of your past clients and separate them into three lists:
    • Clients you love
    • Clients you weren't in love with
    • Clients that were lukewarm
  • Take a look at your website and make sure all of your marketing and copy are speaking to only those clients you loved.

BB Webb

  • Develop a touch system of following up with couples, including a protocol for:
    • Time between emails sent
    • Calls made
    • Personal card sent
  • Have your team introduce themselves to couples so they can get a feel for your company culture, trust, and support.
  • Be prepared when a couple arrives for on-site tours.

Jessica Mae

  • Retrofit your website to clearly outline rates in an easy to find place (this helps eliminate unqualified leads before they even inquire!)
  • When presenting a proposal, schedule time to present over the phone to help build a relationship and stay clear of price-driven conversations.

Meghan Perlow

  • Develop and send a customized PDF of visual concepts in the couples design style. It helps drive the conversation and close the sale.
  • Provide options for making last minute changes on quantity, style, and colors to lessen pressure and help speed up the decision-making process.
  • Make their experience less stressful by highlighting your ability to be flexible.

Jerry Bazata

  • Edit your website to focus ONLY on your core business. Play to your strengths instead of trying to sell everything including the kitchen sink.
  • Present yourself as a specialist, not one-stop shop. A couple that is looking for one-stop shopping also tends to be price sensitive and looking for a deal.


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Missed the webinar? No worries. You can listen to the full playback here.