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3 reasons why every marketer should love emojis


A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an emoji? Here are 3 reasons emojis may be worth a little bit more:

  • People can process images faster than text. In a recent study by MIT, researchers discovered people could process images they had only seen for a mere 13 milliseconds. We know people can scroll fast through emails (but not that fast), so adding an emoji to a subject line can stimulate the visual component of an email.
  • If you want to grab a readers' attention, contrast is key. What better way to add an element of contrast than to throw a bright, fun and colorful emoji into the mix of routine text-only context.
  • Big brands have already started to embrace emojis. Chevrolet kicked off June 2015 with the #ChevyGoesEmoji campaign. It included an emoji-only press release that readers were invited to decode (the cipher was provided days later). While the press release grabbed media attention, we wouldn't recommend we wouldn't recommend communicating exclusively with emojis.

Emojis enable you to better express yourself and your brand to consumers. So get out there and start adding a little fun value to your marketing efforts today!

Source: PR Toolkit "Embrace Emojis in Your Online Marketing"