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Three Things Small Businesses Need to Do in The New Year


To help kick-start 2016, we found three things you should consider incorporating into your business plan. 

  1. Plan to attend educational experiences unique to small businesses or your unique business category.  Consider what areas you can improve upon for your business as well as for your professional self. Could you improve your marketing efforts? Maybe you have a social media presence, but have no idea how to grow it or turn it into a lead generator. Or your accounting and business tracking strategies could use some help. Whether it’s an association-based conference with education sessions like NACE or online education-filled blogs related to marketing and advertising like Sprinklr or The Knot Pro Feed (this blog!), take the time to seek out resources specific to your unique needs and invest the time in learning.
  2. Be data driven. Discover what your key performance indicators are and figure out how to track those indicators with data. Start to track your numbers constantly and consistently to help discover areas for improvement, initiatives to introduce and test, or initiatives that aren’t working to discontinue. Survey past customers to get a feel for your brand perception. Use this data to identify any inconsistencies and set out to repair them.
  3. Have a brand presence across multiple platforms. Millennials are consuming media and information across multiple platforms every day (sometimes at the same time). They’re on social media, they’re reading magazines, and they’re researching brands relevant to their lives on sites like Feel like you’re dominating on one platform but not others? Focus on discovering how your target audience is using other platforms, develop a measurable plan and make an effort to get in front of them there.


Photo: Emily Wren Photography