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Paying it Forward: Three Ways to Start in Your Company!

As our 'pay it forward' mini-series comes to an end, BB Webb gives us the inside scoop on how 'paying it forward' has changed the way she and her team conduct business at Carl House. Here's BB:

Since embracing a 'pay it forward' mentality within our team, we've transformed the way we do business with our clients and with fellow wedding pros -- we have seen some incredible results!

I spoke at Wedding MBA 2015 about how to 'Win The Bride'. 'Paying it forward' plays a big part in winning the bride and first requires that you carefully listen to what your bride wants, needs and desires. Below is a fun example of what not to do:

As you and your team are setting the 2016 goals for your organization, I strongly encourage you to add a 'pay it forward' focus to the list. Here are three ways you can get started:

  1. Be genuine, prepared and personable: Whether on the phone or in person, greet each client with a smile, (yes, on the phone as well). Be prepared to actually listen to the needs of your client, (and put your phone on mute), rather than just share your features and benefits. If your meeting is in person, have each team member introduce themselves and welcome the client to your business-- doing this shows your bride that she is valued and matters to you.
  2. Recommend fellow wedding professionals: If a couple decides you're not the right fit, recommend another professional in your category (at Carl House, we call the fellow pro for the couple). This shows couples you care about finding the right fit for them and the fellow wedding pro is more likely to return the favor to you.
  3. Personalize the experience: Couples want to feel they are important to you. At Carl House, we take a photo of the couple at their favorite spot within our venue and create a thank you card with their photo on it, (using SendOutCards) to send out to each couple that visits our venue! They love the personalization and it shows each couple how important they are to us.

Consider how to develop your best 'pay it forward' culture within your company and embrace it! Once you create this practice, I guarantee your business will flourish! You'll never go back!

BB Webb is a Knot Ambassador, owner of ‘The Knot Best of Weddings’ event venue, Carl House and an author, speaker and business consultant with a passion for helping business owners grow their businesses!   To learn more about BB and her work, and