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Paying it Forward: It Starts with Your Brand!

Member of The Knot Ambassador program reception venue expert BB Webb travels the country speaking with businesses (like yours!) about growing their organization. One of the first topics they discuss is brand identity. Why?

We'll let BB tell you herself:

Your brand is far more than your logo, website or pretty business card. Your brand reflects who you are as a company--from the way your team answers a call and greets prospects at the door to the language they use and the way they dress.

Here's an example of very bad customer service, from a wedding planner we might all recognize, (figuratively).

Quite simply, "the way you do anything, is the way you do everything."

If you're inconsistent and careless at home, you're inconsistent and careless at work. Our job as business leaders it to carefully define our culture and behaviors we want in our companies, to define how we do what we do. If you're looking to establish a 'pay it forward' mentality within your team (as we have at Carl House), you need to lead your team by example in all that you do, both at home and at the office.

This past fall, my team and I brainstormed how we could better raise the level of service and value we provide with not only every client we serve, but with our Wedding Professional partners, our community and within our own team. We took a second look at some of our current culture statements and made tweaks to a few of them (adding a little more 'pay it forward' mentality to them)-- since then we've seen some positive changes!

'Paying it forward' has worked it's way from the bottom to the top to the bottom of our organization at Carl House-- and we've found this mindset has gifted us and our team regularly.

Be on the lookout for my next post: 'Paying it Forward': Three Ways to Start in Your Company! 

In the meantime, I'd love to hear some of your favorite ways to 'pay it forward'. Email me at


BB Webb is a Knot Ambassador, owner of ‘The Knot Best of Weddings’ event venue, Carl House and an author, speaker and business consultant with a passion for helping business owners grow their businesses!   To learn more about BB and her work, and