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Make Your Small Business Saturday Celebration Special!

CASE STUDY: A small town in Maryland encouraged people to visit multiple businesses on Small Business Saturday with a community-wide Scavenger Hunt!

What THEY did: The organization came up with a list of clues for Small Business Saturday. To complete each clue, shoppers were required to visit participating local businesses and search for answers.

The Promotions:  They turned to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out and promote their event! Here's an example:


The Result: The event fired up the entire community and inspired customers to visit, experience and #shopsmall at multiple local businesses!

What YOU can do:

  • Create a "How To" sheet and distribute it to businesses you'd like to get involved. This sheet should give a brief description of a Scavenger Hunt and how they can help the event come together!
  • Use the power of print! Once you know how many businesses are participating, visit your local printer and print a poster for each business to hang up in their window. It's a great way to raise awareness within your local community about the event. 
  • Print table tent cards on thick stock and place them next to the registers of every participating business to remind shoppers about the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Create a map (like the one below) and deliver them to participating businesses. 2015-11-17_16-04-45
  • Fire up your local neighborhood by promoting the event throughout your community and on social media!
    • PRE-EVENT: #SmallBizSat is Nov 28. The businesses in [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt for the day. Visit [PICK UP LOCATION(S)] to grab your clues and join the fun! Thank you for supporting small businesses along the way! Get out and #ShopSmall.
    • DAY-OF-EVENT: Today is #SmallBizSat! Have you picked up your clues for our Scavenger Hunt at [PICK UP LOCATION(S)]? Stop by the local businesses below to show your support and join in the fun. [TAG PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES]
    • POST-EVENT: Thank you to everyone who came out and supported [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] businesses on #SmallBizSat. We hope you had fun at our Scavenger Hunt! #ShopSmall all year round. [TAG PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES]
    • PRE-EVENT: Join [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] Scavengar Hunt on #SmallBizSat, Nov 28! Get your clues at [PICK UP LOCATION(S)]
    • DAY-OF-EVENT: Today is #SmallBizSat! Don't forget to pick up your clues for the Scavenger Hunt in [NEIGHBORDHOOD NAME]!
    • POST-EVENT: We hope you had a blast during the [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] Scavenger Hunt for #SmallBizSat! Thanks for supporting our businesses!
  • Work with participating businesses to brainstorm how maps will be collected at the end of the day.

Feeling inspired? Great! Tweet @TheKnotPro or tag us on Instagram using #TheKnotRocksSmallBiz telling us how you're celebrating #SmallBizSat and we'll share your stories!

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 Photography: Joseph Mark Photography