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How St. Louis does #SmallBizSat

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Keith McDonnell and Dean Riebeling, owners of Botanicals Design Studio, have been designing floral masterpieces in St. Louis together for over 26 years! They opened up Botanicals Design Studio in 2006, and have been participating in Small Business Saturday for the past 5 years. We caught up with Keith and learned about their experience with Small Business Saturday, here's what we discovered:

Q: What inspired you to participate in Small Business Saturday? 

A: We first heard of Small Business Saturday through American Express and then the South Grand Business District does an incredible job promoting it--they even created a Facebook group and posted the specials of each participating business.

Q: How are you building buzz around your participation in Small Business Saturday?

A: One of the local stores, Parsimonia Vintage has spearheaded Small Business Saturday in our neighborhood. They contacted all the local shops to get their specials and are promoting them on their social platforms. On our end, we've created posters and put them in our windows so everyone in the community knows we're participating in the event and we'll also be on the American Express website.

Q: Do you have any tips for promoting  Small Business Saturday? 

A: I sure do!

  1. Be a really good small business so that people in your community know small businesses are something special year-round, not just on Small Business Saturday.
  2. Put up posters! Print marketing is just as important as digital marketing--especially for a one-day extravaganza like this!
  3. Give a discount. As a small business, it's hard to give discounts in general, but on Small Business Saturday it's a nice way to get new clients interested in your shop and it's a treat for your regular customers.

Q: What's your favorite part of Small Business Saturday? 

A: I love seeing folks come through the door! It's an incredible feeling seeing how many people turn up and actually support small businesses. It reminds me that there are people who actually care about quality and service that you can't get in those bigger stores.

Q: Have you had any success from participating in Small Business Saturday? 

A: Yes we have! Small Business Saturday certainly builds a buzz about our business in the community--so more people come into our shop which has led to an increase in sales.

Q: Last question! How long have you been partnering with The Knot? 

A: I'm actually not quite sure of the exact amount of time, but I do know it's been at least 10 years!

Keith and Dean

Will you be participating in Small Business Saturday on November 28? Tag @TheKnotPro on Twitter and Instagram using #TheKnotRocksSmallBiz and we'll share your story!