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Marriage Equality is Good for the Economy


Marriage equality is a no-brainer… #loveislove! The Supreme Court of the United States finally ruled that all American citizens nationwide have the right to marry! This was a huge win for same-sex couples everywhere and for local economies and small businesses across the country.

In the next three years, same-sex weddings are estimated to create a boost in the economy of about $2.6 billion and provide products and services for about 13,000 jobs in the wedding and tourism industries! While these numbers only factor in wedding-related spending, once these same-sex couples are happily married they're buying power is estimated at $830 billion a year on things like homes, cars and furnishings.

New York, which legalized same-sex marriage in 2011, has already proven these benefits from same-sex weddings. In the first year after New York passed its Marriage Equality Act, New York City alone received a $259 million economic boost. There were 8,200 marriage licenses issued for same-sex weddings and more than 200,000 out of towners visiting and booking hotel rooms to attend a same-sex wedding in that first year alone!

Marriage equality is a great way to celebrate love and grow your business. Excited to start working with same-sex couples? Make sure your website and Storefront on isn’t gender-specific and indicates that you’re same-sex couple friendly. Extra points if you have real weddings images with same-sex couples featured!

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