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Webinar Recap: The Power of Print


These awesome stats from our latest webinar, The Power of Print, hosted by  Bernadette Baille,  Director of Education at The Knot and Jerry Bazata (a member of The Knot Ambassador Program!) will show you how magazines can increase your exposure and help you book more wedding business.

Magazines are:

  • A $640 billion dollar business and drives an estimated $3.8 trillion in related services
  • One of the top 3 resources used for wedding planning
  • Valuable: 72% of couples consider The Knot Magazines a valuable resource when planning their wedding
  • Engaging: On average, an individual spends 53 minutes reading an issue
  • Valued more than ads in other media: Ad'sin magazines index 20 - 40% higher than advertising on websites or ad-supported TV networks
  • Local: Millenials want personalization and customization. The Knot's 16 regional magazines are focused on local trends, local styles and local wedding pros
  • Essential for bridal fashion decisions: 4 in 5 brides use The Knot Magazines during their wedding dress search
  • 24% more likely to influence and encourage word-of-mouth than any other media

Magazines drive:

  • Purchase Action: 61% of readers take action after seeing a print magazine ad
  • Storefront Traffic: The Knot online and print advertisers receive 104% more unique visitors to their Storefront than those who only advertise online

Key Takeaways: 

  • Magazines are an indispensable part of a couples planning process
  • Combination of editorial and advertising drive purchase intent and action
  • Magazine ads should connection emotionally to millennial couples and provide an easy way for them to contact you

Check out our full webinar playback to learn more!