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Webinar Recap: How to test out new subject lines


Testing out different subject lines is one of the best ways to learn what peaks your audiences' interest and drives your email open rate. So how do you test out new subject lines? 

First things first, you need to know the dos and don'ts of subject lines:

The Dos:

  • Be clear & direct
  • Try out different subject line lengths
  • Tell readers what's new
  • Remind readers of sales/events that are ending or for a limited time
  • Try witty and fun subject lines (test on sale emails)
  • Test personalization, symbols (%,!,$) and capital letters

The Don'ts:

  • Be deceptive
  • Reuse the same subject line too often
  • Deviate from your brand voice
  • Scream (use words in all capital letters)
  • Try once and then make long term decisions
  • Be afraid to try something new!

Now that you're familiar with the do's and don'ts, here's how you can set up your new strategy:

  • Layout your current subject lines



  • Breakdown your different subject lines
  • Chart the language or elements you want to try for each offer type


Use these templates to help you lay out your subject line strategies by making sure the call-to-action is clearly reflected in the subject line, the offer or event type is clear, and you're able to keep track of what works best with your readers!

What now? Get out there--get to know your target audience, evaluate the elements of your email campaigns, create a subject line strategy and test your new campaigns!

Want more information? Check out the playback of our recent webinar on the Elements of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.