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Get the "Click" from your Call-to-Action


When it comes to a call-to-action in your emails/website, your goal is to quite literally get users to take action. So how do you do it?

We've created a list of tips and tricks that are sure to help you create an enticing and clickable call-to-action that drives more engagement with your business:

1. Use a strong command verb: This is your chance to tell viewers what you want them to do -- whether it's download an e-book, register for an upcoming webinar, attend an event, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

2. Get to the point: Be clear and to the point, we recommend a maximum of 4 words.

3. Give viewers a reason to click: Ask yourself "What's in it for them?" Emphasize the benefits of clicking and use it as your unique selling point.

4. Create a sense of urgency: If this is a limited time offer, make sure you include an end date. This will create immediacy, let your audience know there's a chance they'll miss out and ultimately increase the chances of them clicking.

5. Be creative: Your call-to-action should spark interest. Get creative with visuals, language and punctuation and test do a traditional A/B test to see what makes your audience click.

6. It's all about appearances: Your call-to-action should look like it can be clicked -- use some shading or contouring to make it appear like a button.

7. Size really does matter: Make sure the font size stands out from the rest of your text and try using contrasting colors -- you want it to draw attention to your button.

8. Utilize the backup plan: Browsers constantly have issues displaying images and there's always the chance a reader blocks images from appearing, lucky for you there's a backup plan -- alt text! Alt text will display regardless of browser issues and privacy settings.

9.  Check your copy: If you're referring to a promotion in an email, make sure the call-to-action and landing page have consistent copy.

10. Test it out: Remember, just because you've created a clickable call-to-action for your website doesn't mean it will also generate a high click-through-rate in an email or blog. Make sure to utilize A/B testing to see if your audience engages with you differently across platforms.

Call to actions come in all shapes and sizes, they're your chance to attract your audience with an attention-grabbing design and motivate them to follow through with next steps so that you can generate new leads and grow your wedding business!

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