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How Google’s New Mobile Search Algorithm Will Impact Your Business

Are you ready for the Google mobile-friendly update? On April 21st, Google changed the way search results appear on mobile devices, giving preference to those sites that are mobile-optimized.


  • 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile, so Google wants to ensure their searching audience has a good user experience.
  • The goal is to make it easier for users to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
  • This update will only impact mobile searches. Desktop and tablet search queries will not be affected.

Check out this article for all the details.


  • This update only affects mobile searchers. It will give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results only.
  • Desktop and tablet search queries will not be affected.When the update goes live, search queries performed on desktops and tablets shouldn’t change.
  • Mobile-friendliness is on a page-by-page basis. If your homepage looks great on a mobile device, but the remaining pages of your website don’t, then your website won’t be deemed “mobile-friendly.” Google will look at every page of your website to ensure site visitors get a positive user experience on your site. While it’s possible that your site may not pass Google’s test as whole, individual pages could still rank, just as individual pages rank in desktop searches.


Did you know that in 2015, the number of mobile users worldwide surpasses desktop users by approximately 200-million people, according to -- essentially making a mobile-friendly website a necessity for business owners around the globe? Also, Google released an independent study in 2014 that focused on local businesses and the search activity of potential customers while on-the-go. Here’s what they found:

  • 72 percent of consumers who searched for local information on their smartphone visited a store within 5 miles.
  • 50 percent of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day.


  1. Check to see if your site is mobile-friendly. Use Google's Mobile-Friendliness tool to find out if your site is mobile-friendly.
  2. Have a mobile-friendly site? You're in good shape!
  3. Not mobile-optimized? Increasingly, couples are using mobile devices to plan their wedding, so we recommend that you mobile-optimize your site so your potential clients can find you--and you can book more business!
  4. Know your numbers. Knowing how much mobile traffic you’re getting and how much revenue is being generated by mobile will show you exactly how the change is affecting you. Make sure you know what your mobile traffic is so that you have a point of reference. It’s important to track it on a regular basis.