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Why we tied The Knot? More on the Two Bright Lights and XO Group marriage

TK_TBL_Bloggheader 470x195Our team at XO Group Inc., parent company of The Knot, has been really excited about our recent news of Two Bright Lights joining The Knot Wedding Network family. “Expanding opportunities for wedding professionals to have their inspirational work published not only on The Knot, but also on other prestigious websites, blogs and print publications felt like a win for all of us!” said Carley Roney, co-founder of XO Group.

Since last week’s announcement, we have had many great conversations with our advertising partners (especially our photographers!) and with those who don’t currently work with us.  We have learned and shared so much – thank you for your questions and ideas.  So that all can benefit from these conversations, here’s a summary of key questions and answers from members of both XO Group and Two Bright Lights’ teams.  We look forward to more great news and more great discussion!

  1. Why did Two Bright Lights join XO Group?  Siri Eklund, Founder and CEO of Two Bright Lights, shares, “We are honored to help magnificent content find its way to elite publications that inspire brides, grooms, mothers, and more.  Our list of product feature improvements is a mile long and to implement them, we needed more resources.”   This is where XO Group stepped in!   “We’re extremely thrilled to welcome  Siri and the rest of the Two Bright Lights team to our family and arecommitted to providing them with the support they need to offer amazing new features that will help all members of the Two Bright Lights community,” Roney stated. 
  1. Why did XO Group want Two Bright Lights to be a part of their organization?  Two Bright Lights is a cloud-based software company that has a robust platform for managing millions of images.  As XO Group continues to grow (we also own The Bump and The Nest), the Two Bright Lights technology will provide a way for us to visually support our media products much more efficiently. Plus, we’ll be able to give professional photographers more of an opportunity to be featured on our websites, blogs and print publications.   
  1. Why is this good for Two Bright Lights’ editorial partners?   XO Group is committed to helping all of Two Bright Lights’ editorial partners -- big and small, established and new -- grow their audience.  We can all win from having more great content!  Soon, wedding professionals’ Storefronts on will include “As Featured In” coverage to other publishers – for example, “See more exceptional photos on, Green Wedding Shoes, Southern Weddings, Munaluchi Bridal, Occasions Magazine….” With over 5 million unique monthly visitors to, the opportunities for Two Bright Lights’ editorial partners are greatly increased.   Two Bright Lights is also working on a single image database for editors to feature special collections (with photographer permission).  For example, are you looking for a collage of pink hydrangea bouquets?  This database will be able to provide relevant search results.  We can’t wait for that feature to be released! 
  1. How will Two Bright Lights’ photographers benefit?  Two Bright Lights knows that a photographer’s time is tight and any opportunity to streamline a process is valuable.  Two Bright Lights has heard from many members that the ability to post Real Weddings for editors to browse would be a big time-saver.  The good news is that the Two Bright Lights real weddings “Open Gallery” is in development and they expect to have a prototype in a few months.  Also, photographers’ active features will be included in their Storefronts on so potential clients can see industry-wide recognition at-a-glance.  Lastly, feature opportunities for single images will be made available in a supplemental product. 
  1. Will Two Bright Lights play favorites to The Knot advertisers?  Eklund emphatically says, “No, we will not play favorites.  In fact, we will continue to be run as a separate group and, just like before, we won't even know whether someone advertises with The Knot or with any of our publication partners.”  Outside of the Two Bright Lights blog, Two Bright Lights will still have no influence on which work will be accepted for publication.  Their editorial partners will continue to have full control over which photo submissions to accept.  Two Bright Lights will continue to help content move from point A to point B.
  1. Will Two Bright Lights increase prices?  They do not have plans to increase prices on their current packages. “We have always been committed to providing a software service at a great value to our members and we will continue to do so,” Eklund said.
  1. Does this mean that The Knot owns all my photos?  No, the photographer always retains copyright.  Two Bright Lights’ terms of service haven’t changed: they are a platform for distribution.  Editors are required to get permission to publish images.  In the Two Bright Lights terms of service, photo-credit is required and ownership never transfers from the photographer. 
  1. Will Two Bright Lights be able to do other partnerships even if it is with a competitor of The Knot?  Yes.  If they believe it is a good partnership for their members, they have the ability to pursue such partnerships. 
  1. Will Two Bright Lights move to NYC?  No, the Two Bright Lights team will remain in San Francisco in their same office and are eagerly awaiting your visit! 
  1. Will Two Bright Lights keep the same name?  Yes. Two Bright Lights, TBL, 2BL, 2BrightLights and any formation of the sort will stay and be widely accepted across Two Bright Lights and XO Group halls. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts or additional questions. You can reach us any time at 

Thank you,

Siri Eklund                                   Carley Roney
CEO/Founder                               Co-Founder