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Submitting a Real Wedding to The Knot: 20 Shots Not To Miss

JesseLeakePhotography copyReal weddings are our bread and butter, and we’ll never get enough of them! In fact, every real wedding featured on arrived initially as a set of jpegs. We review the images from every real wedding before knowing any details. Here’s a guide to picking the right photos to get published.

1. The Stationery Suite
We love programs, save-the-dates, reply cards, and all the in-betweens of paper choices. We love it even more when we get to see them all together in one shot.

2. The Cake
Insider’s secret: A great cake can make or break a real wedding editorial. It’s a strong and important element in our editors’ eyes and truly a work of art.

3. The Kids (or Pets)!
We’re suckers for these cutiepies!

4. The Environmental Portrait
Think of this not as a portrait of a couple, but as a beautiful scenic shot with a newlyweds in it.

5. The Shoes
We all love shoes, especially with a creative, stylistic background behind them that matches the rest of the wedding’s overall style and palette.

6. The Venue
After all the painstaking planning, it’s worthy of proper documentation. An overall shot of the ceremony and reception setup before the guests arrive is a must–have on the shot list.

7. The Bridesmaids
Truly the bride with her inner circle here! Sharing sweet moments of besties prior to the ceremony is great, but we take this as an opportunity to show off the bridesmaids overall style.

8. The Reception Table
One of the first things we check out in reviewing real weddings is the table. It’s where we can show your overall style with one shot.

9. The Silly Shot
We don’t always have to be so serious with our photo selections! Photographers can nail some seriously fun shots, and we enjoy them too.

10. An Editorial Shot
Let’s face it, we as editors are notorious for chopping heads! We won’t deny it. These faceless shots become more iconic, and help us to editorially drive our topics without identifying actual subjects.

11. The Aisle Marker
Aisle markers hint at wedding style to unveil throughout the day. Compositionally, they tend to already be perfectly styled too.

12. The Bridal Bouquet
Our all-time winner of a signature real wedding shot might arguably be the cropped bridal bouquet at waist. And we also love a composed shot with a pretty background environment.

13. The Boutonniere
This gives us a nod at the gent’s look and style, while still keeping the vibe of pretty and feminine.

14. The Recessional
Probably the happiest, most genuine photo that will be captured on the wedding day. Nothing is contrived about this moment.

15. The Escort Cards
We love showing creative ways to identify your guests to their seats, but also the graphic nature of this composition. Huge tip: make sure this is photographed before the guests come and take their name away. Missing escort cards from the setup is a deal-breaker!

16. The Reception Candid
Not just another grip and grin smile, you as newlyweds at the reception, beaming in the glow of your evening.

17. The Favors
Often overlooked or forgotten until the end of the night, so the takeaway here is getting the shot before they’re all gone!

18. The Signature Cocktails
Brides love getting ideas of new ways to serve their guests with wow-worthy sips. So pretty, garnished drinks go miles in our eyes.

19. The Centerpieces
A no-brainer here, but well-composed centerpieces can be a difficult shot. We love to see the blooms with proper exposure and minimal clutter around it.

20. The Getaway
It’s the last moment of the wedding day, so this shot anchors the wedding’s end with a final applause from your appreciative guests.