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Five ways to give brides “white glove service”!

_TKM12FAL_PinkMakeup02Whether it’s decorating a wedding cake, designing a beautiful floral bouquet, or prepping a bride’s venue, your everyday tasks are part of the most important day of your client’s life!  Like all work, tasks can become routine, but we always have room to improve.

How can you take your brides’ experience one step further so that they feel you really went over the top for them?  We like to call this “going above and beyond” white glove service. Brides love it, and it can not only give you strong word of mouth buzz as your clients rave about you, it can also support your pricing power and help you grow your business long term. 

Here are five ways to give white glove service:

  • Customization.  Pinpoint products or services in your toolbox that can be customized to your bride’s wedding colors, details, or design.  Whether it’s adding personalized touches to a centerpiece or incorporating a family recipe into the menu, these details go a long way to take the bride’s and her guests’ experience to the next level.
  • Personalized phone attention.  When a bride calls, is she hearing a voice messaging system, or is there a live person on the other end of phone?  Does she hear silence or hold music that reflects your brand? Today, something as simple as reaching a live person can make a business  stand out.
  • Impress her with email. Your client is doing a lot of emailing with prospective vendors before she chooses who she will hire. Make your emails stand out by personalizing your response, answering her questions, and by keeping it short to respect her time. Make it clear how she can take the next step toward working with you, and she’ll be relieved you’ve taken the guesswork out of the process.
  • Make it a family affair – the bride isn’t the only one involved in planning the big day.  Whether it’s her mom, sister, or best friend, going the extra mile to answer any questions and make those individuals know they are a big part of the process will go a long way with your bride.
  • Damage Control If things go wrong – don’t shy away. Accidents happen, but quickly solving them and providing options will let the bride know you have her best interests in mind.

These are just some of the ways you can go beyond good customer serviced to great customer service.  Tell us – what are some of the ways you’ve used a “white glove” approach when helping you bride create her big day?  We’d love to hear!