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Google+ v. Facebook

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.28.47 PMWith the vast majority of brides using Facebook and Pinterest, you may not have thought about Google+ lately. It hasn't gained traction with users as a social networking destination, but Google+ for business has interesting benefits for your marketing strategy.

First, think about why you have your business on social media in the first place. If you're like most of us it's because social sites provide a place for you to distribute content (photos, links to your blog, video, etc.) where people, hopefully brides, will see it and become interested in hiring you. It can also help you extend the conversation from your website portfolio to more recent work posted on your page. You might do Facebook advertising to get your content in front of even more potential customers.

But let me ask you a question, which site would you go to if you were looking for something new: Facebook or Google? I'm guessing 99% of you said Google, because Google is the leader in search. When a bride is planning her wedding, she's actively looking for services in places that are known for search as well as wedding directories on sites like She's not passively waiting to stumble across your business on Facebook.

So when a bride searches for a wedding photographer in New York City what does she see? You may have put a lot of work into boosting your SEO to improve your website's ranking. But she also sees a list of Google+ business listings. Is yours there? Is the information accurate? Are there photos and links out to your other online offerings? If you haven't checked your Google Places page or Google+ business page lately, you should. Why? Because potential customers are using Google to search for your business, and this is where you can make a great first impression or a lousy one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.38.19 PM

So is this just another social media page that I have to maintain? Yes and no. Your Facebook page is a place for content, like a blog. The more you post, tag, and otherwise interact on Facebook, the more people find out about you. The same goes for Pinterest. They are great ways to extend the conversation after prospects have discovered you and viewed your website.

On Google+ your page could be the first impression you make in natural search results. People may see it before they see your website. And you have the chance to point them everywhere else your information lives online: your website, your Facebook page, your Pinterest boards, your storefront on The Knot, even WeddingChannel reviews!

So Google+ or Facebook? Both but for different reasons. The good news is both platforms are free to use, and Google+ doesn't require as much content creation as Facebook does to be effective. So make sure you've created and verified your Google+ business page today!

Here's the link to get started. Totally new to social media? Read our Get Started Guide.