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The Brand Identity Checklist

Follow this checklist to be sure you have all the components of a killer brand identity! If you’re creating a new brand, you may want to read our Get Started Guide to Branding.

  1. Your Logo: Make sure you receive at minimum high-resolution jpg (for print), low-resolution jpg (for web), and adobe illustrator (original art) versions of your logo from your graphic designer.
  2. Colors: The Knot blue isn’t just any old blue. It’s a specific color with a certain address. Make sure you know your brand’s colors and use them consistently.
  3. Fonts: You should have one or two fonts that go with the look and feel of your brand. Use them on your website, your blog, and all your ads and signage to keep your brand’s look and feel consistent.
  4. Copy: Having copy on hand is important for speaking engagements, PR efforts and industry events. You should have an “About Us” blurb and bios for yourself and key team members.
  5. Graphics: A swooping line or filigree can do a lot to make a website or business card design look professional. Make sure you have the art files of any of these design components that are part of your brand’s identity.
  6. Photos: Choose a few photos to represent your brand. These are separate from your portfolio of recent work and should be 2-3 key images that sum up your services and style. Update these images annually.
  7. Style Guide: Create a Style Guide that contains all of the elements above so that if you hire a new designer or if you’re working with a new stationer or ad layout you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.
  8. Brand Asset Library: Create a folder in a secure and sharable location, such as an online folder in your Google Drive or via This way your brand-related files will all be in one place and there’s no chance of losing them  if your computer dies or an employee leaves the company.
  9. Refresh annually: It’s a good idea to revisit your brand assets every year to make sure they still feel fresh. You may choose to keep your logo, colors, and fonts consistent but update your graphics, photos and copy depending on how they are working for you.
  10. Check out the competition: Notice competitors' branding, and check out branding on non-wedding related sites for inspiration. You may get some useful new ideas, but remember to make sure your branding always speaks to what makes you unique.