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Get Started with Mobile Marketing

More and more brides are researching wedding vendors and opening email on mobile phones. So it’s more important than ever to be sure your website and marketing materials are compelling and effective on a mobile phone’s browser.

If you are an advertiser with The Knot, your profile has already been optimized for the mobile experience. When a bride accesses your profile from her phone, a “Call” button appears that she can tap to call you if she’s interested in making an appointment. If you send email blasts through our Local Direct Email program, these also have been optimized for the mobile experience so they show up clear and readable on mobile phones.

But what happens when a bride clicks through your profile or an email blast to visit your website from her phone? Do the images appear? Are the links too tiny to tap with your finger? Can she find your contact information? Not sure? Try it out! If you aren’t happy with how to website performs on a mobile browser, you may be in need of a mobile website solution.

There are a few different approaches to optimizing your website for the mobile experience. A popular one has been to build a mobile version of your website that will be served up to anyone who tries to access your site with a phone or tablet device. These sites are referred to as “M dot” sites because the URL begins with m. For example, the mobile version of lives at

A newer approach is to build a website with responsive design. This kind of design senses the size of the browser window and when the width narrows it switches to display a design that is meant for a smaller browser window. However both M. sites and Responsive Design require you to hire a developer, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Another approach is to redirect your mobile traffic to your profile on, which is already optimized for mobile. This service is free to all clients who have a profile and requires that you simply embed a short piece of code into your weddings landing page on your website. Any mobile traffic that tries to reach that page will be automatically redirected to your profile so you can be sure that prospective clients will be able to see your photos, videos, testimonials and contact information. You can read more about it here and log in to My Account when you're ready to get started.

For more information on optimizing your marketing for mobile phones, check out our mobile checklist.