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Get Started with Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching clients, but you have to play by the rules. Use this guide to get familiar with the basics of today’s email marketing best practices.

First, you should only send email to people who have submitted their email address and given you permission to mail to them. This is mandated by CAN-SPAM law and is the #1 rule of email marketing. Also, make sure your footer includes an Unsubscribe link (you get this from your email service provider) and your physical address. Not sure if your email program is CAN-SPAM compliant?  Use our checklist to find out.

Build up your subscriber base with newsletter sign up boxes on your website and your Facebook page. Ask clients at your point of sale or on RFP forms if they’d like to receive email.

The most effective emails include a short, enticing subject line that encourages recipients to open your email. Emails should be visually appealing. Use bold, eye-catching images and minimize large blocks of text. Include a clear, strong Call to Action so your readers know how you want them to respond to the email. Never send an email unless you have something in mind you want your recipients to immediately DO as a result of your message.

Good calls to action include:

  • RSVP for an event
  • Visit your store for a sale
  • Call to make an appointment
  • Check out your website to see your new portfolio or product line, etc.

Try these tips to make your emails even more effective:

  • Personalize your emails by using the customer’s name in the copy, and try to keep the content as relevant as possible. This might require sending different emails to different groups within your subscriber list.
  • More and more people read email on their phones! So make sure your email template is mobile friendly with big buttons around links. Mobile-friendly email templates should not be more than 640 pixels wide.
  • Capitalize on social sharing by including Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ sharing buttons in your email design.
  • Add your own personality and “voice” by taking an editorial approach, using employee generated content, or testimonials to make your email sound like you!

We know building a subscriber base can be tough in the weddings business because brides are only interested in wedding content during the time they are engaged. If building a subscriber base and an email marketing program is too much for you, you can take advantage of our Local Direct Email blasts. We’ll email brides who have opted in to receive email and who are currently planning their weddings in your area on your behalf. You get 100% share of voice so the email is all about you! Use it to promote a trunk show, bridal event, or special offer. If you’re interested in learning more, email us at or call your local account executive.